The Best Reign Energy Drink Flavors in 2023 (According to Experts)

  Mar 18, 2024
Reviewed by Shreya Pasricha

A workout schedule can enervate the best of you. 

More so if you’re following it religiously and focused on pacing it up.

You need an energy drink to fuel your toughest workouts and make you feel fresh and energetic again (almost like a cathartic experience). 

At present, if there’s one energy drink brand we can vouch for, it’s Reign. 

We’ll tell you why. 

Reign makes top-shelf energy drinks with 

  • The strongest nutrient score.
  • The well-defined electrolyte balance. 
  • Less sugar.
  • Zero calories. 
  • Moderate quantities of caffeine. 

No doubt, consumers love it and want to know which of them truly shines among the rest. 

Buckle up as we take you on an exciting, flavorful journey and unveil the best Reign flavors, dominating the market of energy drinks.


Keeping your energy levels stable and cutting fatigue out is easier than you thought. 

The complete range of Reign’s invigorating energy drinks—packed with all things nutritious and healthy—helps you in boosting your energy and do workouts with no rhythm lost.

Reign has emerged to become a constant favorite of many energy drink enthusiasts, thanks to its ever-evolving range of delicious flavors and potent formulas. 

There are other brands like the Olipop Soda, with a bit of pop to give you a good time! But how good does the Reign really reigns in the market? Let’s find out!

We’ve covered the 5 best of them in the following article. 

Best Reign Flavors 2023: 5 Energy Drinks You Can Trust

1. Reign Melon Mania

Whether you’re looking to reinvigorate your body or need a midday boost to tackle the rest of your day, Melon Mania has your back.

The drink’s popularity is apparently off the charts because:

  • It captures the right essence of ripe, juicy lemons in every sip.
  • It packs thirst-quenching powers and revitalizes you in the most satisfying way.
  • It has a sweet flavor with tangy undertones, tantalizing your buds. 

And, if you’re facing concentration problems, there’s nothing better than Melon Mania to come to your rescue.

Melon Mania leads the pack as the energy drink that powers you up and keeps you laser-focused throughout your daily routine.

A sip of it feels like experiencing a virtual vacation in your mouth. 

But don’t trust our words. See for yourself. 



2. Reign Razzle Berry 

Stop slouching all day round…

…and try Reign’s Razzle Berry—an ideal drink for the one who wants to stay at the top of their game with packets of immense energy.

The drink brims with an assortment of flavors drawn from fresh, ripe raspberries and is known to awaken every fiber of your being with its irresistible taste.

With Razzle Berry, you are guaranteed to experience: 

  • The luscious sweetness and tartness of various berries. 
  • An electrifying punch of energy to keep you on your toes.
  • A symphony of nutrients and health-enhancing ingredients to nudge you and help you deal with your day head-on.

So, don’t miss out on this delight. 

Experience the rush of energy like never with the classic raspberry berry that excites you.


Energy Drink Razzle Berry

3. Reign Sour Apple

Grab a can of Sour Apple from the House of Reign…

…and let the razzle-dazzle of flavor and energy take over!

Having a sip of it is like taking a bit into a crisp, tangy apple and experiencing a taste that gives your buds a jolt and thrusts your senses into power. This refreshing blend of sour apple goodness is perfect for those who crave a burst of excitement in every sip.

Besides taste, Reign’s Sour Apple has high-performance ingredients to help you lap up all the nutrition. Like every Reign drink, it’s concocted while prioritizing your good health.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try this mouthwatering, flavorful energy drink to put a spring in your step and get more done all day. 


Energy Drink Sour Apple

4. Reign Lemon HDZ

Zest up your days with Lemon HDZ—one of the best Reign flavors in 2023!

If you’re a fan of the vibrant and zingy flavor that lemon has, this drink is your BFF. With its revitalizing taste—which is almost like a burst of sunshine in every sip—you’re likely to be at the pinnacle of your energy, zooming through your tasks all day long.

Nutrition-wise, Lemon HDZ is a perfect ten. It’s formulated using higher-quality ingredients in a balanced proportion to keep your health in the pink. 

Lemon HDZ is the go-to choice for those who appreciate the appeal of a zesty lemon flavor and want to stay energized and focused. 

Try Reign Lemon HDZ today and seize the day with a burst of citrusy goodness!


Energy Drink Lemon HDZ

5. Reign Carnival Candy

Reign’s Carnival Candy is your ticket to refueling your energy levels like never before.

This delightful drink packs a treat with its cotton candy flavor, filling your senses with extra buckets of energy as you take the first sip. 

With each sip, you’ll be transported to a world of vitality and zeal—precisely what you crave!

Reign Carnival Candy is more than just a delectable drink, symbolizing carefree days and laughter-filled nights. It’s a highly nutritious drink with many healthy ingredients that help keep your health on track. 

We’re not kidding as we say: it’s a mini vacation in a can. 


Energy Drink Carnival Candy

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Reign Flavor

Reign, undoubtedly, has the widest variety of energy drinks. 

It’s common for consumers to feel overwhelmed by the choices and end up selecting a flavor that may not fit their preferences. 


You should always consider a few factors before diving into the big brand realm of Reign energy drinks.

But what are these factors? 

Allow us to take you through each of them and help you gain more clarity on what factors hold significance when choosing the right Reign energy drink product.

1. Taste

Everyone takes a liking to different tastes and cravings.

Some can be a fan of bold, intense flavors, while others prefer something more subtle and refreshing. 

Before setting a flavor aside, it’s important to think about the flavor profiles that excite your palate and make your buds dance with joy. 

With so much from Reign—from tangy to fruity—there is something for someone. Always. 

2. Purpose

Your purpose is the key to deciding everything in life, let alone deciding on which Reign flavor to pick. 

To determine your purpose, start asking questions like: 

  • Do I need a drink for an intense workout or improve my focus?
  • Do I require a drink to amp my energy levels up for the daily hustle, or recover from the mid-afternoon slump?
  • How vital is nutrient replenishment to me?
  • Which specific nutrients do I need?

Such questions will help you narrow the choices and make a pick that satisfies your needs. 

3. Versatility

Another thing to factor in is the versatility of the drink. 

Ask questions like: 

  • Can the flavor be enjoyed on various occasions?
  • If it can be paired with different foods and beverages?
  • Can it be a refreshing drink throughout all the seasons?
  • Will the drink complement your favorite snack?

Choosing a Reign drink that adapts to different situations and makes every occasion great is always wise. 

4. Experience

Experience is a dominating factor when deciding the best Reign flavors. 

Take a moment to ask yourself: does the flavor bring about a sense of excitement and joy? If yes, that’s your best bet!

Don’t forget, choosing an energy drink isn’t about the energy it rebuilds, but also the pleasure it brings. Look for a flavor that sparks joy and makes you look forward to every moment.

5. Calories

Energy drinks are a staple for fitness enthusiasts. 

But, if they contain an excessive amount of calories, it’s always better to do yourself a favor and steer clear of them. 

Being aware of your dietary needs and the exact calorie content you need helps make an informed decision and choose a Reign energy drink that doesn’t take your health for a ride. 

6. Energy Requirements

Reign drinks are best known for providing their users with roaring energy. But, some drinks may pack an energy quotient better than the rest. 

Like, Total Body Fuel and Inferno. 

The ‘Inferno’ line of Reign drinks is considered ‘thermogenic,’ helping you feel revitalized while cutting down calories. 

So, it’s better to assess your energy requirements before picking the Reign flavor off the shelves. 

Considering the above-mentioned factors can go a long way in making the right Reign choice and saving bucks. You’ll be well-equipped to find the Reign drink that works the best for you and your exact fitness and health needs. 

The Bottom Line

That’s a wrap, folks!

These 5 are the best Reign flavors ranked in the order of taste, nutritional value, and energy quotient. 

You’re missing out on something incredible if you haven’t tried any of these above.

Embark on a flavorful journey with Reign drink flavors and discover what the right kind of energy drink can do for your mind, body, and soul. 

Wishing you an energized journey ahead!


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