Breast Implant Recall: What You Need to Know

  Mar 30, 2024

Women love to fantasize about some kind of surgery for their body parts to live their desired fantasies. One of them is breast implant. Breast implant splendidly adds the required volume to the small breast for the long term. 

Now, before making any decision, you may be curious to know whether breast implants have any daunting health repercussions. With that in mind, this article will unveil the gummy breast implant recall and what are the expected damages.

Breast Implant: An Overview 

Breast implants were designed with a thought to add more volume to your natural breast size. Women tend to opt for breast implants for various reasons including unevenness in the breast size, small breasts, saggy or loss of volume due to the size. 

Moreover, the size of the breast implant is free for choice of every specific individual, which means there are no universal-restricted measurements for it. Therefore, the implants are designed with silicone and filled with silicone solution to match the texture of the natural breast tissue. 

Furthermore, implants are inserted with the help of surgery. After the period of recovery, the results become visible and last up to 6–10 years. But as said, all the good things have something bad hidden in them, the surprising volume lures the women to get a desired figure making them overlook the future repercussions of the breast implant. To know them, move to another section. 

What are the Reasons for Breast Implants Recall?

Undoubtedly, breast implants can have various advantages and one of the primes is your satisfaction, but unfortunately has some daunting health repercussions that you may not look for. 

The breast implant can change the shape of your break making it uneven and in the worst cases may contact the tissues leading to unbearable pain. Majorly, it has been observed that women with breast implants are more prone to BIA-ALCL. 

Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma is mainly a cancer of the immune system and can lead to various symptoms including a hard breast, lumps, or cysts in the breast or armpit, pain asymmetry, and more. This can be serious for women’s health and those who are suffering from this are suggested to look for a doctor on an urgent basis for the treatment. 

Overall, breast implant surgery should be an informed decision by keeping yourself aware of all the medical seriousness.

Potential Risks of Breast Implant Recall 

It is better to be aware of the breast implant recall, rather than regretting the decision in the future. But before that, you should take a simple look at the home of your breast implant failures. You can consider checking the symmetry of your breast. In addition, consider noting down all the implications and symptoms you have faced after the implant. 

To your knowledge, some potential implications are mentioned below: 

  • Change in nipples and breast contractions. 
  • Capsule contractions, scar tissues that result in the squeezing of tissues.
  • Inflammation and rupture. 
  • Breast cancer and reproductive organ damage. 
  • Difficulty breastfeeding.
  • Thinning and shrinking of the skin around the armpit and other nearby areas. 
  • Swollen or enlarged lymph nodes are detected. 

Pros and Cons of Breast Implants 

Going through the pros and cons of breast implants can assist you in making an appropriate decision. 

Pros Cons
Undergoing breast augmentation will result in individualized enhancements. A huge amount to get the surgery done. 
Better fitting of clothes. Require more surgeries to maintain them. 
Desired body shape.Regular image testing.
ReversibilityImplant rupture or leakages of the silicone. 
Changes in nipples and breast sensation. 
Hard lumps around the skin of the implant. 
Can result in cancer. 

A fit and healthy body is a requirement to live a desired life. That is why it is suggested to not get lured with these surgeries. 


If you are planning to do a breast implant, it is recommended to read all the repercussions of it beforehand. For more detailed analysis, you can consult the surgeons who hold expertise in this field. 

In the case you are done with the breast implants, make sure you practice all the preventive measures directed by the doctor to keep your implants safe from any effects. 


Ans: Breast implant recall is a must for those who are planning to do implant surgery in the future.

Ans: An imaging test and frequent ultrasound as per the doctor’s recommendation can show whether the implants are in good condition. 

Ans: People who have a genetic history or autoimmune disease are more prone to breast implant illness.

Ans: Breast implants are observed to last from 6 to 12 years. But in some rare cases, it may last till 30 years too.