Burn Evolved Reviews 2024: Is the Product Genuine Or Are the Claims Bogus?

  Feb 26, 2024
Reviewed by Vivek Upadhyay

Burn Evolved reviews

Today’s generation is always on the lookout for faster results for everything. Regarding weight loss, Burn Evolved has been creating a buzz in the market for its effectiveness. 

While the claims made by the company are a dream come true for everyone who has been struggling to lose some weight, how safe is the product in the long run? The Burn Evolved reviews online are all about the ‘magical power’ of the supplement, but are there any Burn Evolved side effects you should be aware of?

We will answer all the queries and dive deeper into the product details to help you make a smarter choice.

Burn Evolved: An Overview

Burn Evolved is a fat-burning diet pill from Sculpt Nation, a sports nutrition brand. The company has introduced an evolved version of its product, Burn Evolved 2.0. The new version has apple cider vinegar powder to enhance the product’s ability to reduce food cravings.

The company claims that it torches stubborn body fat from the inside out by specifically targeting and destroying fat cells. The patented formulation of the supplement has everyone’s attention, who are looking to lose weight easily.

How Does Burn Evolved Work?

The company claims that the specially curated formula aids in: 

  • Activating your TRPV1 receptors that help torch stubborn fat
  • Balancing your hunger hormones, results in fewer cravings
  • Turns fat into fuel during your workouts
  • Improves metabolism hence burning more calories

The supplement boosts your BMR (Baseline Metabolic Rate). Burn Evolved is high on caffeine, increasing your NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) which in turn mobilizes your fat cells. 

So, apart from the calories you burn at the gym, the supplement helps you burn some extra calories throughout the day to help achieve the results you want. It also helps convert fat into energy, so you won’t feel tired throughout the day even when you are losing some pounds. 

Burn Evolved Ingredients

Burn Evolved ingredients

With nine active ingredients, Burn Evolved claims to have cracked the gateway to an easy weight-loss technique. Here is a detailed analysis on Burn Evolved ingredients and how they work:

  • Chromium: As per a 2013 study, chromium is known for aiding in weight loss by enhancing insulin action and influencing metabolism. But the dosage here is concerning, and hence we advise you to consult your physician before committing. The ideal dosage of chromium is 200 mcg while the supplement has 6000 mcg.
  • Gymnema Leaf Extract: The ingredient has been a part of Ayurveda for ages and is now trending in the realm of weight loss supplements for its potential to suppress sugar cravings. The effective dosage is 200-400 mg per day and Burn Evolved has 300 mg.
  • Alpinia Galanga Extract: Alpinia galanga is an herbal plant extract known for its anti-obesity effects. Alpinia Galanga Extract dosage per day should not be beyond 10 mg, while the supplement has 30 mg, which is concerning.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is the most researched ingredient in the context of weight loss and is well known for its appetite-suppressant properties. While 400 mg of caffeine per day is ideal for an adult, Burn Evolved has 30 mg per serving.
  • L-Theanine: Though the ingredient is not directly linked to weight loss, it has calming properties that can help balance out anxiety and restlessness caused by caffeine. The ideal dosage of L-Theanine for an adult is 250-400 mg, while here it is just 100 mg. Given the lower amount of caffeine, this dosage seems to work fine.
  • Capsimax: The red chili pepper extract works as a thermogenic agent and increases your body heat, which in turn helps burn fat faster. The capsimax dosage in the supplement is 50 mg whereas the ideal dosage should be around 2-4 mg per day.
  • Grains of Paradise: Grains of Paradise are again an ingredient with thermogenic properties, hence aiding in fat loss. The optimal dosage of grains of paradise for weight loss is 30-40 mg per day and Burn Evolved has 40 mg.

Burn Evolved Pros and Cons

Contains natural ingredientsHigh dosage of chromium
Improves metabolismNo proof of clinical trials
Elevates energy levelsMight not be safe in the long run
Gluten-freeContains caffeine, which might induce sleeplessness and jitters
Not vegan friendly

Potential Side Effects of Burn Evolved

Though the list of ingredients does not seem harmful at a glance, the long list of stimulants might cause some sensitivity in the long run, especially with ingredients like chromium and caffeine.

Some of the potential side effects of Burn Evolved are:

  • Disturbed sleep cycle
  • Insulin sensitivity leads to kidney and liver damage
  • Headache
  • Energy crashes
  • Anxiety

Burn Evolved Customer Reviews

The internet is filled with Burn Evolved 2.0 reviews. It is important to go through the reviews of customers who have tried and tested the product.

“I have lost some weight with this. I use it with whatever I plan to be my largest meal of the day. It is not a cure-all, so don’t plan on being a couch potato and have it work. But I will say I struggle with a slow bowel. This has improved my digestion 10fold, which I think with a good diet and exercise has helped and made me feel much better.”
-review on Amazon by Pardavis

“I don’t understand how this can be advertised as a weight loss supplement. It is not. It’s bogus.”
-review on Amazon by Lynn Cobb Johns

“There are much better products out there. This stuff makes you bloat like crazy, so drink plenty of water. You have to take it around the clock and it is hard on the stomach taken with the test boost.”
-review on Amazon by Kenneth Middleton

We also found a more detailed review of Burn Evolved by a YouTube creator named RandomVlogTV who tried the product and shared his experience:

Cost and Dosage

Dosage2 capsules per day

Burn Evolved is normally priced at $67, but due to an ongoing sale, the price at the time of writing this article is $49 per bottle that lasts a month with 60 capsules. 

But if you opt for their bundle option of 3 or 6 bottles, the price further drops to $44 and $32.50 per bottle, respectively. The website currently does not offer any membership benefits or discounts, but it does offer a lifetime money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. 

It is advised to start with one capsule in the morning and eventually increase the dosage to two capsules per day so that your body can easily adapt to the supplement. We advise you to consult your doctor before committing to supplements of any kind. 

If you have made up your mind to give the product a try, you can purchase it from the official website. To make sure you get the original Burn Evolved by Sculpt Nation, we advise you to refrain from purchasing from third-party websites like Amazon.

Our Verdict: Does Burn Evolved Work?

Burn Evolve 2 reviews

The ingredients used in Burn Evolved are safe and aid in weight loss but might not be as effective and quick as the company claims. 

The supplement is said to boost your weight loss journey, but all it does is suppress your appetite and cravings slightly. The combination of ingredients used in the formulation still lacks proper studies to back the claims. 

The combination of thermogenic and appetite suppressants is linked to weight loss, but its effectiveness varies from individual to individual. Moreover, there are other options available on the market that are tried and clinically tested, unlike Burn Evolved. 

We are also not impressed with the proportion of each ingredient. While the formulation has an excess of chromium, other ingredients like L-Theanine are not present in enough quantities to be effective. A proper blend of ingredients plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of any product.

Burn Evolved might help you eat less, but as a fat burner, the claims are a bit exaggerated. It is better to switch to natural ways to lose weight with a proper diet and regular workouts. 

Burn Evolved Alternatives

Burn Evolved is not the most effective fat burner on the market, especially in the given price range. Here are some better and more effective alternatives you can opt for instead:

  • PhenQ: If you are looking for a fat burner, PhenQ is the best available option on the market right now. The ingredient list feels more promising when compared to Burn Evolved, and the product also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • PhenGold: PhenGold not only helps you get rid of stubborn fat but also helps prevent further fat from accumulating in your body. Avoiding fat being stored in parts of your body is a crucial step in long-term weight loss.
  • Leanbean: Leanbean is loved for its natural ingredients that help subside cravings and promote weight loss. Apart from weight loss, users also claim that the supplements help tone the body.
  • Instant Knockout: Instant Knockout capsules use thermogenic fat burning technique to get rid of excess fat. Ingredients like cayenne pepper fruit extract and green tea extract release energy stored as fat and glucose in our bodies.
  • PrimeShred: PrimeShred is the perfect vegetarian and vegan-friendly option here. The supplement works by activating your hormones and enzymes which are responsible for breaking down fat. It specifically targets your body fat without causing muscle loss. 


Burn supplement reviews do not have a clear-cut answer to the effectiveness of the product. The efficacy of the blend varies for each individual, and hence, the company’s claims cannot be trusted. Moreover, there are better alternatives available in the market that offer better value for money. We advise you to consult a physician before committing to supplements of any kind. 


Ans: Burn Evolved does not have any harmful ingredients, but if you are sensitive to stimulants, the product might not be for you.

Ans: Typically, such supplements show results within a few weeks, but it can vary depending on your body type, food habits, and metabolism.

Ans: You should always consult your doctor if you are on medications of any form, as some drugs might react with each other.

Ans: It is advised to take the supplement in the morning, as it contains caffeine.