Colon Broom Reviews: Is It Worth the Hype?

  Feb 7, 2024
Reviewed by Ravinder Kaur

Colon Broom reviews

Colon Broom, as the name suggests, helps you with regular bowel movements. The company claims that it is a “natural way to get rid of unwanted bloating.”

Digestive issues, if ignored, can lead to something major in the future. Hence, it is important to take care of your gut health and treat earlier symptoms like bloating, irregular bowel movements, and constipation. ColonBroom seems to be the answer to all our concerns. But we will have to dive deep into Colon Broom reviews and product details to make sure the claims are legit.

Read on to find answers to all your concerns, like:

  • Is Colon Broom worth it?
  • Is Colon Broom safe?
  • Does Colon Broom work?

ColonBroom: An Overview

ColonBroom is a natural fiber supplement with psyllium husk as its main ingredient. The powdered formulation helps with your daily fiber intake, which in turn regulates your bowel movements and reduces bloating.

The company also claims that it aids in weight management and detoxifies your body. The product sounds like a dream come true for all our gut-related issues, but is it ultimately right for you?

ColonBroom Ingredients

ColonBroom ingredients

The very first step to determining the authenticity of a product is the ingredient list. Here is a detailed look at the ingredients of Colon Broom:

  • Psyllium Husk Powder: Psyllium husk is a natural source of fiber and a form of laxative that aids in easy and regular bowel movements. The fiber content also helps you lose a few pounds as it makes you feel full, hence reducing the risk of overeating. 
  • Stevia Leaf Extract: Stevia leaf extract is a natural sugar substitute that enhances the taste without adding extra calories. 
  • Crystallized Lemon: Lemon is a citrus fruit and is a good source of Vitamin C. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Sea Salt: Sea salt helps with the detoxing process and balances the sodium levels of the body.

Benefits of ColonBroom

Benefits of Colon Broom

There are many natural foods that can help detoxify your body but with our fast-paced lifestyle, it is not always possible to include them in our diet. This is when supplements like Colon Broom come in handy. Some of the benefits of the product include:

  • Promoting healthy gut
  • Reduces bloating
  • Relieves constipation
  • Improves digestive tract
  • Increases fiber intake
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels
  • Promotes healthy circulation

Side Effects of ColonBroom

Colon Broom reviews sound good but before committing to any product, it is important to know about the potential side effects. So, is Colon Broom safe, or do we need to watch out?

Although there are no notable side effects of Colon Broom, the increased fiber intake can initially cause mild symptoms that include:

  • Bloating: The high fiber content of psyllium husk can cause bloating. Although users reported that it subsides with regular usage as the body gets used to it.
  • Nausea: One of the most commonly reported side effects of Colon Broom is nausea. Although the feeling of nausea might be temporary, it can cause discomfort.
  • Dehydration: Collonbroom has a laxative effect that causes increased bowel movement. This can potentially result in fluid loss and dehydration. So it is important to drink plenty of water when using Collon Broom. 
  • Constipation or diarrhea: Initial usage of Colon Broom can cause gastrointestinal disturbances, including constipation and diarrhea. This symptom is especially common in individuals with sensitive stomachs. 
  • Heartburn: For people with a weak stomach, the high fiber content, if not digested properly, can manifest as heartburn. 

Although the side effects might be temporary, we advise you to go through the ingredient list thoroughly and consult your doctor before committing to the product.

Pros and Cons of Colon Broon Powder

No artificial sweetenerSome users experience discomfort on initial usage
Suitable for people on a keto dietA bit expensive when compared to other supplements
Safe for diabetic individuals, as per the companyThe unsweetened option is not available
Made with natural ingredients
Vegan friendly

ColonBroom Cost and Dosage

DosageOne tablespoon twice daily with a glass of water

Colon Broom is available in two flavors, strawberry and tropical fruits. One bottle of ColonBroom is priced at $69.99. One bottle has 60 servings, meaning each serving costs $1.17. Since it is advised to consume it twice daily, the cost might be on the heftier side. 

But if you want to give the product a chance, you can save a bit of money with their monthly subscription plan, which brings the cost down to $64.99 per bottle at the time of writing this article. The product is also available in bundles of 3 and 6 which can further bring down the price per bottle to $43.99 and $27.99 respectively. 

It is advised to take CollonBroom with a glass of water, followed by another glass of plain water. For best results, consume the supplement 30 minutes to an hour before your meal. 

Our Verdict: Is ColonBroom Worth It? 

If you are looking for a fiber supplement enriched with the benefits of psyllium husk minus its unpleasant wheatish taste, Colon Broom might work perfectly for you. But if you are looking for a weight loss supplement, it does not do much and the claims are a bit over the top. 

Here is a YouTube video by Doc Schmit that discusses whether Colon Broom can actually help you lose weight or not:

Some of the qualities that we liked about the product are its solubility, taste, and gluten-free nature. So, unless you have celiac disease or strictly care about the taste of your supplements, you can easily find cheaper alternatives in the market.

ColonBroom Customer Review

Customer reviews play a vital part in the trustworthiness of any product. Here are some of the Colon Broom reviews by real customers:

“Good value for money for something so helpful, like these are, and is also nice tasting, which I wasn’t expecting to be honest.”
-review by Matthew Telles on Amazon

“With this you literally only pay for name brand. It is so basic. I am young active and slim but needed to deal with bloating issues. This did not work at all. Didn’t notice any difference in my overall well being. Also, price point is so high when you can get a husk for a few £ in Asian supermarkets. I had high hopes because of the price but made no difference at all.”
-review by Vine Voice on Amazon

“I love how this works for my bowel happiness\regularity. I have not lost tons of weight but I am going on the right direction. This does help me feel full so I can do the intermittent fasting much easier. Cost is the reason for only 4 stars but for now, I will continue to take it anyway!”
-review by Average User on Amazon

Who Should Use ColonBroom?

If you are someone who regularly struggles with gut issues like constipation and bloating, ColonBroom can help you with the issues. Even if you are looking for a supplement to improve your overall gut health, ColonBroom might work for you.

Although the market is filled with alternatives, if you do not appreciate the grainy taste of psyllium husk supplements, Colon Broom’s delicious flavors will work perfectly for you. The fact that the product is sugar-free, is an added benefit. 

Who Should Avoid ColonBroom?

Does ColonBroom work for everyone? Sadly, no. Apart from the many health benefits of psyllium husk, it might not be suitable for all, especially if you have a sensitive stomach or are allergic to it. 

If you have a healthy gut functioning and want to invest in ColonBroom for its weight loss claims, we would advise you to refrain from it as it does not do much for the concern. The high pricing of the product also does not help if you are looking for a budget supplement.

Where to Buy ColonBroom?

If this Colon Broom review has given you the confidence to give it a try, you can purchase the product from their official website or from Amazon. Please note that membership benefits are available only when you shop from the website. 

Also, if you want to commit to the product, you should opt for the 3 bottles or 6 bottles bundle option from the official website, as it offers the best value. 


Colon Broom can be considered the best-tasting psyllium husk powder available on the market. With the price being on the high end, you have to pick your priorities between good taste and paying extra bucks. Overall, the product is not harmful but we would advise you to consult your physician before consuming supplements of any sort. 

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Ans: It is recommended to stay consistent with the product for two to three months to see visible results. However, some consumers experienced improved digestion and smooth bowel movement within a few weeks.

Ans: Colon Broom does not do much if your goal is just to lose some extra pounds. But if your weight gain is due to digestive issues, it might be of some help.

Ans: You might feel bloated during the initial days of using ColonBroom. However, your body gets used to it and the symptoms subside with regular usage.

Ans: It depends on your needs and overall health. Users have reported improved bowel movement but if you are looking for weight loss reviews, it does not do much in that aspect.