Jeremy Ohara

Jeremy Ohara

How to Find a Chiropractor That Accepts Medicaid

  Jan 17, 2024
Reviewed by Richa Dutta


  • Medicaid insurance services are not considered mandatory by the federal government. It depends on each state if they also cover chiropractic care.
  • Looking for online directories, consulting your physician, and asking friends can help find a Chiropractor that covers Medicaid.
  • Along with coverage of medical bills, do not compromise on searching for a Chiropractor with good reviews posted by patients online.

Is your health insurance coverage providing all medical care? If not, then this can be a dangerous situation because life is unpredictable. 

Sudden minor or major accidents, especially during old age, may require immediate and quality health plans. It’s common to rely on preventive checkups like chiropractic care to live a healthy life.

Covering most of the medical finances is Medicaid which is one of the biggest state facilities provided to all American citizens. With the pandemic highlighting some necessary gaps in public health, the Biden government ensures that the citizens are well-informed of the provisions. 

It is a primary program that supports health insurance coverage to more than 90 million low-income people in the United States. However, chiropractic care is not considered mandatory by the federal government which covers Medicaid. It depends on each state’s medical constituent if it covers Chiropractic care.     

If you’ve found yourself without adequate medical coverage, this can be a tricky situation. How do you search for a doctor who will accept Medicaid patients?

Don’t worry. We’re here to help! Keep reading for some tips on how to find a chiropractor that accepts Medicaid. 

Look Over Online Healthcare Directories

Health Care Spending by Medicaid

One way to quickly locate a chiropractor that accepts Medicaid patients is to look through healthcare directories. These will typically provide accurate and updated information regarding participating providers.

When searching, input your current zip code to generate a list of all providers in your area. You can also narrow your criteria with other selections such as:

  • Geographical Location
  • Expertise
  • Services Offered

Before booking an appointment, be sure to confirm that they are still currently enrolled in the Medicaid program. Moreover, these directories often have patient reviews, which can help you narrow down your choices. 

Keep in mind that taking ample time to research for the best chiropractor will ensure that you receive the best quality care possible.

Ask Other Healthcare Practitioners for Referrals

Demand for Chiropractors Has Increased Over the Years

Your primary physician can provide you with several referrals of qualified chiropractors. Asking other healthcare practitioners such as:

  • Physical Therapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Your Family Medical Doctor
  • Nurse

You may also use social media platforms like Facebook to ask friends or family for referrals or inquiries. Lastly, use the provider’s search tool to locate doctors who accept health insurance.

Taking these steps will make it easier for you to find the best chiropractic care there is.

Call the Chiropractic Office Directly

Chiropractor Industry Fee and Reimbursement Rates

Calling the clinic directly is the easiest way to know if they are accepting Medicaid. Once you have identified potential chiropractors, call their offices to confirm. Be certain to ask about things like:

  • The extent of their coverage
  • Any extra fees
  • Past procedures done

Lastly, make sure the office staff confirms your eligibility before booking an appointment. These steps should help you look for a chiropractor that accepts Medicaid coverage.

Some possible Medicaid guidelines include a maximum number of visits per month or year, a maximum amount Medicaid will spend on care, and limits on X-ray services. It is also possible that your Medicaid program will only cover chiropractic care if it is deemed medically necessary. 

Research Online Rating Sites and Forums

Check the Ratings and Reviews of Doctors on Websites Like HealthGrades

Start by searching for reviews on well-known websites such as Yelp, HealthGrades, and ZocDoc. Make sure to consider multiple review sources to get a comprehensive view of the provider. 

Health insurance is definitely relevant to cover the bills, but the quality of practice should not be neglected. Checking the reviews by patients gives a better understanding of the care they are providing. These details may also include nursing staff behavior and the number of patients recommending a particular chiropractor.

Also, government websites may have specific information about medical coverage and provider availability. Once you’ve narrowed in on specific providers, make sure to contact them to verify that they accept Medicaid. 

Best Ways to Find a Chiropractor That Accepts Medic

 The Percentage of the Population Covered by Medicaid

Searching for a chiropractor that accepts Medicaid is possible but not always easy. Start with your state’s Medicaid website and research local locations with network providers. Ask for recommendations and make sure you’re comfortable with their qualifications.

Following this guide will help you get the chiropractic care you deserve. Now that you know more about the process, why not start your search today?

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