Richa Madaan

Richa Madaan

Mindful Resolutions: Nurturing Mental Health in Your New Year Goals

  Jan 30, 2024
Reviewed by Ayushi Jain

It’s that time again when we realize that the New Year is just around the corner. It brings the long-standing tradition of deciding what our annual resolutions are going to be. 

Perhaps you’ve already started thinking about the number of changes to make, what bad habits are worth giving up, or what new activities to begin. 

For instance, plans to start eating healthier, give up smoking, or improve mental health to improve overall fitness.  Or consider furthering your education, such as enrolling in mental health counselor masters programs online, to enhance career prospects. 

But, are you among the many who enthusiastically set new goals each year, only to forget or abandon them a few weeks or months later? Making new plans is the easy part, the real challenge lies in sticking to them. 

So, how can you stay motivated and achieve the set targets for the New Year?

Here are some tips to achieve those goals and remind yourself that good intentions shouldn’t fall by the wayside.

How to Choose New Year’s Resolutions 

Creating a long list of to-do’s is never useful in completing resolutions that are just wishful thinking. Here are some ways that will help. 

  • Keep It Realistic

    You are more likely to stick to smaller plans, that are realistic and achievable. Fix an adaptable time and be flexible with it to complete it. When making larger goals in mind, break them down into more manageable steps. This approach will make the bigger objective seem less overwhelming.

  • Be Specific

    Take the time to identify exactly what and how you are going to achieve all or half of the objectives. Plan precisely, considering the timeframe that each task requires that matches your lifestyle. Use SMART goals to structure the planning process. 

  • Identify Potential Obstacles

    You’ll almost certainly come up against obstacles while following an annual to-do list. Anticipating these challenges helps to stay one step ahead and be better prepared to confront them.  

 Research shows it takes as long as four months to change a behavior. 

How To Stay Focused 

Mindfulness is all about having space for a natural transition instead of rushing through it. Staying focused is difficult when mobile notifications are a distraction. Here’s how the bull’s eye can be hit successfully. 

  • Stay Positive

    When starting yearly resolutions, we are full of positivity and motivation. As the days turn into months, our interest starts to fade away. At times like this, refer back to the SMART goals of the reasons for fixing a goal. Search for sources of inspiration when you hit a low point.

  • Track Your Progress

    Track progress to acknowledge and congratulate yourself on the progress made. Start by giving yourself little rewards as a way to encourage and keep a positive mindset throughout the year. 

  • Get Support From Family and Friends

    Family and friends are honest in supporting your new purpose in life. They are cheerleaders when things are going well and offer encouragement during more challenging times. Surrounding yourself with a supportive network helps to stay committed till the end. 

The graph below shows the most common New Year’s resolutions people make, and staying fit is always prioritized. 

Most Common New Year’s Resolutions

Understand Your Mental Health Needs 

Keeping a mental health check goes a long way in completing annual goals. There is no better feeling than having a positive mindset that pushes forward to change with time. 

  • Stay Flexible

    There will be days when it seems difficult to tick the everyday work because of a lack of motivation. You might fall into the trap of dwindling confidence and quitting. In these instances, try to be flexible and avoid feeling disappointed or discouraged. 

    No one is perfect and there are bound to be days like this. What’s relevant is to accept it and carry on. Be flexible and don’t see it as a failure. Instead, be resilient when confronted by laziness or challenges.


“Because at the heart of every goal lies the desire to be happier.”

New Year’s come and go, but what it leaves behind is a lesson to keep moving no matter what. It is exciting to make bold decisions with an opportunity for self-improvement. Sometimes it can be tough to stay consistent, but with a well-prepared plan and a positive outlook, everything can be changed. 

Just like different seasons that don’t rush, transformation takes time. With the support of loved ones and nurturing your mental health, celebrating success for the Next Year can become a reality. 

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