One Skin Review: Formulation, Products, and Feedback

  Mar 18, 2024
Reviewed by Pinky Kumari Pandey

Taking care of your skin under all conditions and keeping it hydrated, supple, and nourished, should be your ‘Numero Uno’ priority. This is where ‘OneSkin’ steps as a game-changer.

One Skin Review

OneSkin has a line-up of products that target healthy, conscious aging. The brand claims to blend natural ingredients with a set of patented technologies to target the root cause of aging, slow down the process from the ‘molecular’ level, and make you look younger.

However, there are a few questions that need answering; 

  1. Does OneSkin have science-backed ingredients, or the brand cashes in on acute hype?
  2. Does OneSkin contain any potentially harmful additives?
  3. How do users rate and describe their experiences with OneSkin?

So stay with us as we explore these thought-provoking questions in one of the most in-depth, unbiased OneSkin reviews. 

One Skin: The Breakdown of the Brand

Hundreds of skincare brands claim to reverse the signs of aging and improve its texture from the core. A well-maintained skin, besides covering your body, helps: 

  • Maintain body temperature.
  • Aid in breathing.
  • Produce hormones like Hormone D, or as you may know it, Vitamin D.
One Skin Products

OneSkin products boldly promise to endow you with skin that delivers on these crucial fronts and beyond. The brand claims to offer a range of topical supplements formulated with OS-01, a scientifically proven ingredient designed to reverse skin’s biological age. 

It further asserts that its products are backed by over seven years of extensive research, involving the screening of over 900 peptides. The brand has 17 patents and publications supporting its proprietary technology. 

As we scour OneSkin’s website a little more, we see that the brand boasts over 4,300 five-star reviews since its launch in 2021.

That’s quite a lot of bold, tall-order claims to process, to be honest.

OneSkin reviews speak about a number of cult products, and here are a few that are frequently discussed. 

  • Face lotion (OS-01 FACE)
  • Body lotion (OS-01 BODY)
  • Topical eye supplement (OS-01 EYE)
  • Mineral-based sunscreen (OS-01 SHIELD)
  • Facial Cleansers (PREP)

Do One Skin Products Really Work? A Look at Clinical Studies and Trials

Leaning on the findings of a laboratory test using skin models derived from donor cells, OneSkin joined forces with the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of São Paulo, as well as the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) for comprehensive, third-party contract research.

Together, they devised a 12-week clinical study that involved 22 female participants within the age bracket of 22 to 65, with diverse skin types and issues. In conducting the analysis, the researchers found OneSkin products to: 

  • Enhance skin barrier by an average of 15%.
  • Increase skin elasticity in 90% of participants.
  • Boost skin evenness, radiance, pore size, and firmness in 95.5% of participants.
  • Decrease the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles in 87% of participants.
  • Improve skin smoothness and overall appearance in all study subjects.

These outcomes were assessed through a blend of instrumental evaluation, specifically vapor meter analysis, and a double-blind assessment by clinical experts.

Other Clinical Trials

Several clinical trials were conducted to determine the effectiveness of OneSkin products. A few of them are outlined below. 

  • OneSkin says it ran a full-blown trial to figure out what peptide could effectively reverse the signs of aging. OS-01 stood out as the first peptide proven to combat skin aging. 
  • The brand referred to a 2023 study demonstrating the peptide’s ability to promote youthful skin. This study, however, was conducted in vitro, a less robust standard compared to in vivo studies. Despite this limitation, the findings were found to be remarkable, suggesting the peptide’s potential to reduce skin aging.
  • Another citation on the brand’s ‘Science’ website page highlights a medical review in Clinical Therapeutics, illustrating a novel method to identify anti-aging compounds. The catch, however, is that the study was funded by OneSkin. There’s a possibility that the outcomes could be biased in favor of the company.

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One Skin Ingredient Review

One Skin Reviews

OneSkin Products features a range of active ingredients renowned for their efficacy in skincare. 

Among these, the OS-01 Peptide stands out for its potent anti-aging and restorative properties. Additionally, ingredients like Pracaxi Oil are proven to moisturize the skin while combating inflammation and microbial threats.

Hyaluronic Acid, another notable inclusion, stimulates collagen and elastin production, aiding in skin regeneration and moisture retention. Andiroba oil promotes collagen synthesis and reduces inflammation, contributing to overall skin health. Niacinamide, recognized for its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, also acts against harmful microbes. Oleic Pau Mulato Extract aids in healing skin abrasions and reducing wrinkles by enhancing skin resilience. Allantoin moisturizes and soothes irritated skin, completing the comprehensive formulation.

One Skin products also contain Glycerin which has been demonstrated clinical efficacy in increasing skin moisture levels, indicating its hydrating properties. A clinical trial published in the Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology journal suggests that Sorbitan Olivate and Cetearyl Olivate, another ingredient in One Skin, may work synergistically to naturally hydrate the skin.

In a 2018 clinical trial, Carapa Guianensis seed oil was found to stimulate collagen synthesis. One Skin also has Bentonite, a mineral-rich clay, that exhibits skin healing properties, according to a 2017 medical review.

However, it’s worth noting that OneSkin products contain a potentially concerning ingredient: Phenoxyethanol. Although effective as a preservative, high concentrations of Phenoxyethanol may lead to skin irritation, allergic reactions, and even organ toxicity over time. Thus, caution is advised when considering products containing this ingredient to avoid potential harm to the skin.

One Skin Reviews from Real Customers

OneSkin OS-01 has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with over 40+ reviews. It has received positive and negative reviews in equal measure.

One of the top-ranking positive reviews said:

“I’ve been using the OneSkin OS-01 moisturizer and eye cream for just a week, and I’m already pleased with the results. Plus, I love that I can refill the container after buying the starter bottle, which is a great bonus.”

However, an unhappy, dissatisfied customer, sharing a contrasting experience, stated: 

“My skin felt itchy, and I got a dry patch on my jawline. I tried using my night cream, but it didn’t help. Then I added my serum back, but my skin still felt bad. Also, the lines around my eyes looked worse, so I added my eye cream too.”

A YouTube creator named Meninfluencer goes into detail and explains how beneficial One Skin is: 

One Skin Before and After

We scoured through several One Skin reviews, and a lot of individuals have shared their Before and After photos to illustrate the effectiveness of the brand for them.

Noticeable fine lines on the forehead.Fine lines on the forehead significantly reduced.
Skin lacked firmness and elasticity.Skin feels firmer and more elastic.
Presence of age spots and uneven skin tone.Diminished appearance of age spots and improved skin tone.
Some areas showed signs of dehydration and dryness.Hydration levels visibly improved, leading to a smoother texture.
Overall, the skin appeared tired and lacked vitality.Overall, skin appears rejuvenated, with a healthier and more youthful glow.

One Skin Before and After

One Skin Before and After
One Skin Reviewsss
OneSkin Before and After

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OneSkin: Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of OneSkin in our opinion.

Scientifically proven to work.Price
Effective at reducing age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.Not tested much on people
Easy to apply and feels lightweight on your skin.Has phenoxyethanol
Clean ingredients.Not-so-great online reviews
Available for eyes, face, body, and sunscreen.
You can see results in as little as four weeks.

The Final Verdict

OneSkin shows promise with its innovative anti-aging technology, a departure from many cosmetic brands that merely repackage familiar ingredients. Their peptide demonstrated skin-reversing effects in lab studies, yet human trials are lacking.
While we are hopeful for future research, we withhold a recommendation due to insufficient human studies and the use of synthetic preservatives. Online reviews, though limited, indicate mixed satisfaction among users.
In the end, it is the users’ choice to make the final purchasing decision based on the pros and cons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: OS-01 EYE is new, with the highest OS-01 peptide concentration. It’s designed for delicate eye skin, which ages quickly. OS-01 FACE has less peptide, while body lotion has the least OS-01.

Ans: OneSkin is unique for its effectiveness, skin penetration, and absence of toxins or fragrances. Many premium products contain large molecules that can’t penetrate skin. They also often include harmful ingredients like artificial colors and microplastics.

Ans: It’s not recommended because the OS-01 peptide concentration differs. The face lotion has more OS-01 because facial skin ages faster. Using body lotion on the face may not provide the same benefits, but face or eye products can be used elsewhere.

Ans: No, OneSkin is cruelty-free and vegan, not tested on animals.

Ans: Yes, OneSkin offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

Ans: Retinol treats aging skin but doesn’t remove senescent cells for improved longevity. OneSkin is considered more effective and has fewer side effects like dryness or redness.



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