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Health and Fitness Writer

According to Nivedita, ‘Fitness is not a state of body but a state of mind. If you choose fitness in everything you do, you choose to be hale and hearty inside out.’ Specializing in many fitness-related activities, she aims to help others unlock their potential in improving their health and well-being. Her mission is to make fitness as accessible and enjoyable as she can. Having a long experience in writing for health and fitness, Nivedita claims to have sustainability in her work DNA, and it reflects in her articles at Health Groovy.

Dental Hygienist

Starting her practice in a nursing home (for 3 years), soon after completing her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from Manav Rachna University, Geeta had an interest in Biology right from 9th grade. She has also worked as a Dental Lab Technician at Baba Saheb Ambedkar University. Geeta now has her own clinic, and she has studied enough to practice on her own as a full-time Dental Expert. On the side part, she also writes blogs about spreading awareness for dental hygiene. “I’m a goal-oriented and certainly a passionate dentist,” says Geeta.


Nurse Educator

After completing her B.Sc. in Nursing from India, Ravinder did her Nursing Leadership and Management and Critical Care Nursing in Canada. She has over 4 years of experience in the field and has worked as a staff nurse as well. Ravinder has expertise in Medical Surgical Nursing and has assisted in many medical surgeries. She believes in providing the best assistance to patients and caregivers with educational needs. Ravinder also teaches technical and patient care staff and starts various skill development programs within her parameters. She continues to direct the nursing staff and efficiently leads the nursing teams to provide the right patient care.

Mental Health Expert

With a degree in B. Tech (CSE) from the World College of Technology & Management Advance Leadership Program from Harappa, Ayushi is a self-trained Journaling Coach and Mental Health Activist. She has expertise in Guided Journaling and Creative Writing about Mental Health. Ayushi owns Mindful Investment Academy and has spent over 4 years learning about living a mindful life, guided by journaling and positive habit-building. Having coached more than 2 thousand participants so far, Ayushi has attended various programs including Satvic Movement, Art of Living, and Patanjali. She focuses on Habit Building and Intentional Living.

Health and Fitness Expert

Having expertise in Human Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition principles, and Personal training techniques with Physical assessment and Exercise program development and implementation, Vivek has a lot to offer. He is a full-time coach and fitness expert. What makes him stand out is his being a vegetarian, throughout his journey. Apart from this, Vivek also has various certifications, and they include a K11-certified personal trainer, REPS India certified, CPR-AED certified, and NSQF Level 4 certified. Vivek shines upon his ethics and aims to let others maintain their health and fitness by guiding them.


Shreya is a dynamic patient-focused dietician with expertise in the fields of health and wellness. With her optimal nutrition plans, she has helped hundreds of people achieve holistic well-being. Her expert niche includes PCOS, PCODS, weight gain, weight loss, bariatric surgeries, depression management, blood pressure, and anxiety management. In her leisure time, you’ll find her writing blogs and creating awareness about adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Dr Saket Srivastava is a specialist reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon with an almost 99% success rate in cosmetic and reconstructive microsurgery. He is committed to closely observing patient’s problems and providing well-rounded medical care. Apart from helping people with their looks, Saket is fond of reading books in his free time.


Shreya Parischa is a renowned dietician and nutritionist who is also a founder of Fitstreakk and co-founder of Nutrifresh. With her apt advising and nutrition plans, she has counseled thousands of patients suffering from chronic health issues. She is dedicated to creating a healthier environment by awakening people about their lifestyle flaws through her writings.

Cosmetologist | Beauty Expert | Makeup Artist | Hair Stylist

Pinky has made a name for herself in the beauty and skincare industry, with an unparalleled passion and knowledge for almost everything related to skincare, makeup, and personal grooming. Her years of hard work and experience have established her as a trusted authority in the skincare and beauty industry.


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