Dr. Suneet Monga
Dr. Suneet Monga

A Pediatric Dentist Turned Health & Wellness Writer

Transitioning from the dental chair to the newer world of health writing, Dr. Suneet has seamlessly merged her expertise as a dentist with a passion for empowering the public through insightful health content. As a health writer, she endeavors to share knowledge and inspire positive lifestyle changes for overall well-being.


  • B.D.S. (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) - Punjab, India.
  • M.D.S (Masters of Dental Surgery - Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry) - Haryana, India.


Dr. Suneet Monga brings a unique blend of skills to her role owing to her background:

  • Dental expertise
  • Scientific background
  • Research Oriented
  • Language proficiency


With over 4 years of experience, Dr. Suneet has been curating knowledgeable yet crisp content for her audience with an agenda to educate the masses about general health. Her strengths are deciphering medical jargon into interesting pieces of content and spreading awareness through various channels.

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