Stefan Wandlewoodson
Stefan Wandlewoodson

Fitness Specialist


  • Bachelor in Fitness Programming and Management from the University of Missouri


Stéfan is a gym instructor and a physical fitness expert. He has been working in this field for over 5 years now. He is a spirited professional fitness trainer with weight management techniques.


  • Fitness instruction
  • Exercise program design
  • Weight management
  • Knowledge of human anatomy


  • Fitness trainer and health expert who used to look after his clients while maintaining their diets and providing them with safe and reasonable exercise.
  • Now he is a gym trainer with his own gym.
  • Stefan also writes articles about exercises, postures, and diets for his online clients.

Words from Stefan

I'm a professional fitness trainer with a motive to accomplish everyone’s weight loss goals. I design classes that match your body to train you for the best and perfect physical living.

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