Perbelle CC Cream Reviews: Unveiling the 3-in-1 for Radiant Skin

  Mar 18, 2024

Perbelle CC Creams

Are you just tired of heavy, cakey foundations and layers of cream that do not let your skin breathe? Perbelle CC Creams are your quicker getaway from a tedious makeup routine every morning, your one-stop solution to all.

CC Creams, also known as Color Corrector Creams, sold by Perbelle claim to be moisturizers, sunscreen, and foundations. This CC Cream isn’t just about its formulation; it’s one product that offers multiple solutions to your problems in one kit.

Proper skin care can be beneficial to your skin and health, that’s why you need to choose the right cream. Perbelle CC Cream proclaims to be the right choice, however, does it deliver on what it says? We are here to give you genuine Perbelle CC Cream reviews from experts and consumers. 

Perbelle CC Cream Ingredient Analysis

Perbelle mainly contains the following key ingredients contributing to its unique selling points.

Active Ingredients

perbelle cc cream active ingredients

Titanium Dioxide (12%)

Titanium dioxide, one of the only active ingredients present in the Perevelle CC Cream, contributes to its famous UV-protection selling point. It acts as a physical barrier to your skin from harmful UV rays, preventing tanning and skin ageing by reflecting light and giving you a natural radiant skin tone. 

The disadvantage of Titanium Dioxide is that it leaves a “white-cast” behind every application. Since it is often difficult to spread on the skin, it leaves an unwanted whitish tint on the skin. However, this is usually not the case with Perbelle CC Cream since it also acts as a foundation, overdoing the whitish tint. 

Inactive Ingredients

perbelle cc cream inactive ingredients

Even though these ingredients are labeled as “inactive,” their effects on the skin can be quite active, influencing how the product interacts with different skin types. The most important one that influence Perbelle CC-Cream reviews are:


A multifunctional super ingredient that has more than one benefit for the skin. Great for ageing, acne-prone, and dry skin. 

Niacinamide, commonly known as Vitamin B3, acts as the star of the show with its water-soluble properties. 

According to studies, niacinamide boosts collagen as well as accelerates the production of keratin, filaggrin, and involucrin. These proteins help improve elasticity and reduce wrinkles on the skin. 

In a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology, niacinamide was proven to decrease hyperpigmentation and brighten skin within 4 weeks of use. With its antioxidant properties, niacinamide helps combat free radicals, which contribute to premature skin ageing. 

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is the powerhouse of Perbelle CC Cream delivering many other benefits to your skin than just hydration. The acid makes sure to keep the skin hydrated throughout the day, promoting a plump and youthful complexion. How? Because the more, the merrier. 

The extra moisture your skin gets results in extra volume, and you can see the end results with its application. 

The Perbelle CC Cream, with hyaluronic acid, enhances a dewy finish and vanishes any fine lines or wrinkles on your skin without clogging pores! 

Adding hyaluronic acid to its CC cream is a smart move, as many foundations and CC creams tend to dry out the skin. 

Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract

A botanical gem, this flower extract, a noticeable ingredient in Perbelle CC Cream, is derived from a lotus flower. The antioxidant-rich extract provides a shield against environmental stressors that contribute to premature ageing. 

Nelumbo flower extract imparts a calming effect on the skin, reduces redness, promotes even skin tone, and gives you a smoother complexion. 


This is one of the oldest and most commonly used UV absorbing agents commonly found in multiple sunscreens. 

UVB rays are the one that causes skin tanning to our skin and UVA exacerbates premature aging. While Octinoxate does protect against UV rays but cannot entirely block UVA wavelengths from penetrating our skin. Hence, this can be a miss by the Perbelle CC-Cream. 

Also, there are further safety concerns raised for Octinoxate as it gets easily absorbed by the skin after one application. Being a hormone disruptor this chemical may cause allergic reactions to some. 

Artificial Fragrances

These may seem pleasant to smell but come with a lot of downfalls along with it. These synthetic scents can be extremely harsh on some sensitive skin which may lead to redness, skin rashes, or itchiness. 

Beyond just the superficial appearance, this may also harm more than seen. Certain skin conditions, like eczema and acne, can also be triggered with the application of Perbelle CC-Cream. 

Hence, to avoid any skin reaction, a patch-test is always recommended. 

Benefits of Perbelle Cc Cream, Perfect for Busy Days

Know the beauty secret that might simplify your makeup routine and also enhance your natural glow. The lightweight all-in-one formula effortlessly fits all types of skin tones, along with many other benefits, including

Prebelle CC Cream reviews


The infusion of hyaluronic acid in Perbelle CC Cream makes your skin hydrated and hence also works as a moisturiser for your skin. A hydrated skin gives a natural glow, plumpness, and smoothness to your look. 

Hence, like any other CC cream, which can leave your skin dry and flaky after hours of application, Perbelle makes sure to give you a supple, soft look. 

Suitable for all Skin Tones

Do you have a lighter or a deeper skin tone? Whatever your skin tone is, Perbelle CC Cream promises to fit your shade after application. The white cream, when carefully blended with your skin, takes up the natural shade and gives you a glowy base look.

Works as a Sunscreen too

Acting as the shield to your body, your skin plays an important part in your health, by protecting it against harmful sun radiation. That’s why you need to take extra care of your skin.

Perebelle CC Cream reviews say it is more than just a makeup product. It also acts as a shield for your skin against sun damage. With its built-in broad-spectrum SPF, it guards against Ultraviolet rays, prevents skin aging, and maintains healthy skin. 

However, does it leave a white cast around? Read further down. 

Colour Correction

With a formulation that balances and adjusts according to your skin’s overall tone, it also hides your blemishes, redness, or any acne spots. Thus, it leaves you with an even, brightened, and natural glow. 

Long Lasting

While this point is less talked about, especially from a CC cream, the formulation of many brands does not last long enough, and you just have to reapply after 2 hours! 

However, on the contrary, Perbelle CC Cream has a long-lasting formula that stays on your skin all day. Which means saying toodles to touch-ups and frequent visits to the loo. 

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Does Perbelle CC Cream Really Work, or Is It a Scam?

Perbelle CC Cream

Let us spill the tea for you! From our thorough research and numerous Perbelle reviews, there are honestly mixed answers. 

The effectiveness of Perbelle CC Cream has been seen to vary from person to person. Just like any other makeup product, the results are different here too. There are plenty of users praising the product, saying it worked wonders for them, while others have felt it left a white cast and a heavier base.  

Hence, it is quite essential to remember that expecting multiple benefits from one product might not be for everyone. Why? Read the list of pros and cons we have compiled for you. 

Perbelle CC Cream Pros and Cons

If you are looking for an all-in-one CC cream, you might also want to know what its cons are. Since not all products are for all types of skin, we highly recommend you go through the Perbelle CC Cream reviews to know your type. 

It protects your skin from sun damage and, hence, also acts as a sunblock.If you apply a similar amount of Perbelle CC Cream to your face, just like you do for sunscreen, it is difficult to blend through and makes it heavy.
Moisturise your skin, leaving a glowy look.Nanoparticles in Perbelle CC cream have questionable toxicity data.
May work wonders for all types of lighter skin tones.Multiple users with deeper skin tones have raised concerns about its ability to match and give an even finish.
Can act as a makeup base for a heavier lookOnly available online, hence no testing. Fragrance and other ingredients may lead to skin irritation.

How Can Perbelle CC Cream be Safer? 

Safety has to be a paramount concern for any cosmetic brand, just as it is for you! Hence, to make the products even better, Perbelle CC Cream complaints need to be taken into consideration. 

Firstly, transparent disclosure of all ingredients, along with potential allergens; also, how about levelling up with rigorous demographic testing? Since the addition of fragrances to the CC cream can be a major drawback, Perbelle Cosmetics should think of replacing it with some organic alternatives. 

By making these little changes, the product can become a much safer option for those looking for a multifunctional CC cream.

How to Apply Perbelle CC Cream?

Applying Perbelle CC Cream is as easy as putting moisturiser on. Yes literally! To begin with, wash your face with cold water to get it makeup-ready and to close any open pores on the face. 

Take a small amount of cream onto your clean fingertips and spread it evenly through all areas of your face, neck, and ears. Before taking a large squeeze, start with a few dots, and you can always gently increase the amount as per your requirements. 

Some of the consumers may feel it is too heavy when taken in a quantity comparable to applying sunscreen. Hence, putting a pea-sized amount on each finger and blending it nicely will give you plump and glowy skin. 

Perbelle CC Cream Customer Reviews

Despite mostly positive Perbelle reviews, there are still some mixed ones for the CC Cream. While some love the application, others have faced allergies too. 

The ones who made it through feel like they have found an amazing hack to a hassle-free quick makeup routine. The final results make them not put anything else above it; let the skin breathe-they say. 

“I am 62 and lately all of the cream foundations will sit on pores and wrinkles. Within an hour my make up was looking like a disaster, however Skin Tone Adjusting CC Cream feels light and provides a light coverage without looking made up like a clown. It lasts all day and easy to remove at night. Will order again when I finish with my new tube.”
– review by Zaritza

“I think the cream is good. However, it is extremely thick and you have to really work that product into your face which seems overkill to get it rubbed in. Once it’s in your face is more even toned and less blotchy. But I would like to find one of these products that is not so thick and hard to put on. Otherwise, it’s a good product.”
– review by Christy

“Maybe even better than Perbelle. Same texture but the natural color looks better on me than the stark white of Perbelle. PLUS the price difference is substantial. I will finish my $80 worth of Perbelle but when the time comes I will be purchasing this product instead.”
– review by Boomerbabe

Although everyone’s experience is different and reviews also vary, all we have to say is- it is worth a try. 

A video creator named Jenny runs a YouTube channel called Foundation Lady and shares her take on Perbelle CC Cream:

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Perbelle CC Cream Alternatives

ProductPros ConsPrice
Honest Beauty CCC Tinted Moisturizer
  • Lightweight formula
  • Mineral SPF protection
  • Natural Looking coverage
  • Not one skin tone for all.
PÜR Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
  • Dewy Finish
  • Lightweight formula
  • Light Coverage
  • Gets greasy after a while.
Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream
  • Even tone coverage
  • High SPF
  • Gel-like consistency makes it easy to blend.
  • Skin Tends to get oily after an hour or two of application
Chanel CC Cream
  • Non oily
  • Does not oxidise
  • Evens out skin
  • Artificial fragrance that some can be allergic to.
  • Not great for dry skin

Wrap Up

The Perbelle CC Cream serves too well for base makeup, as a foundation, or as a tinted moisturizer. From the Perbelle CC Cream reviews by consumers, it is evident that the brand does serve some goodness to your skin. It promises what it offers; a blend of coverage, hydration, and other skincare benefits. But is it right for you? 

The answer is yes, with benefits ranging from hydration to long-lasting wear and color correction, Perbelle CC Cream makes an outstanding choice for those seeking a hassle-free beauty routine. However, we do acknowledge the fact that the brand has missed out on some key points, like adding natural fragrances instead of synthetics. Hence it is also significant to know your skin type and buy skincare that suits your skin before you buy a certain product.

In a nutshell, as per the Perbelle reviews this CC Cream is not just a product; it is an invention for working women, mothers, or even teenagers who like a minimalist look. But, not to forget, a patch test before applying any new product is a must! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Apply a small amount of Perbelle CC Cream to a clean face and blend it evenly over the face, neck, and ears to get a natural, radiant finish.

Ans: The cost of 1 CC Cream is $44.00, 2 CC Creams are $82.00, and a pack of 4 CC Creams is $148.00.

Ans: You can purchase Perbelle CC Cream on the brand’s official website, Amazon, and eBay, along with other online retailers that sell it.

Ans: Yes, Perbelle CC Cream is designed for daily use, offering a lightweight and breathable formula suitable for regular application.

Ans: Yes, Perbelle CC Cream is equipped with built-in broad-spectrum SPF 43+, providing you protection against harmful UV rays.

Ans: Perbelle products are cruelty-free, proving their commitment to ethical practices and ensuring no animals were harmed during the process.

Ans:You will not need to choose a Perbelle CC Cream shade; it picks up your tone! Hence, it’s no hassle to find the right shade for your skin. The unique shade pigmentation of Perbelle CC Cream adapts to your skin tone as soon as you blend it.