Today Is The Day App Review After Using it for a Month

  Mar 18, 2024

Do you often find yourself delaying vital tasks, struggling to muster the motivation needed to accomplish them? If so, you’re not alone. Procrastination can hinder our ability to reach our full potential, affecting various aspects of our lives, from work to personal endeavors.

In the past, I was a chronic procrastinator, constantly putting off necessary tasks and facing the consequences of missed deadlines. However, everything changed when I discovered the Today Is The Day app

In this review, I’ll share how this application revolutionized my approach to productivity during the month I’ve used it.

What is the Today Is The Day App?

Today Is The Day App

The Today Is The Day app is a powerful tool designed to combat procrastination and boost productivity by combining psychological principles with practical tasks. Through a personalized kick-off quiz, it tailors toward goals to fit individual habits and preferences.

Daily challenges target key areas of life, and the “two-minute rule” facilitates immediate task completion. Also, daily journaling promotes emotional awareness and reflection, fostering a positive and supportive environment akin to having a personal coach.

My Life Before Today Is The Day 

I always put off vital tasks. It was complicated for me to force myself to take on the necessary work and complete it. I spent time scolding myself; meanwhile, all my deadlines were burning painfully before my eyes. Those are just some problems I faced:

The energy reserve is empty 
No motivation
Hours disappear like water
Chaos in life

Finally, I realized that my problem as a procrastinator lies deep, and to solve it, I need support and something that would help me start changing my habits. One day, when I was surfing the web, I came across a chat where they recommended an app for procrastination, and I decided that I wouldn’t lose anything by trying it.

How it Сhanged My Life

Here’s how Today Is The Day turned me from a chronic procrastinator into a person who is productive and goal-oriented:

Increased energy levels

Daily tasks I obtained helped me start completing intimidating tasks, one manageable step at a time. And I no longer feel overwhelmed.

Growing self-belief

The app taught me to prioritize tasks and set realistic goals. Plus, celebrating small wins with mental rewards kept me motivated and feeling awesome.

Growing self-belief

No more negative thoughts

Constant affirmations and positive reinforcement from the app boosted my confidence and shifted my mindset to “I can do this!”

The two-minute rule: my new superpower

This simple strategy helped me crush the small to-do list that used to pile up and weigh me down. Now, I experience a sense of pride every day.

Unlocking my emotional state

Daily journaling helped me understand my emotions and challenges, leading to a proactive approach to tackling procrastination. It’s like therapy but built into the app.

Evolving challenges, evolving me

The application doesn’t let me get complacent. As I progressed, the challenges adapted, keeping me engaged and learning without feeling overwhelmed.

Today Is The Day app is the helping hand that I needed all along. Now, after the month of using this platform, I can boast my new qualities:

Have a positive mind
Have a willingness to grow and develop

And this is just the start of my transformation. 

What are the Pros and Cons of the App

As you can already guess, I am delighted with this application and want to note some of its advantages:


  • Personalized approach: I enjoy the personalized plan and tasks focused on my strengths and weaknesses for better results.
  • Engaging tasks: The solution keeps the process of completing assignments fresh and exciting, preventing users from losing focus.
  • Psychological support: This platform provides tools and strategies for managing anxiety, stress, and procrastination. Also, positive reinforcement and encouragement help users achieve their goals.
  • Convenient to use: I like the app’s eye-catching design and intuitive interface, which provides a great experience for all users.

Did you know?

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I’ve been using this app religiously, and let me tell you, the results in boosting productivity are impressive. However, I have a few ideas that could turn this platform into “exceptional”:

  • Collaborative features: We crave support, and I believe introducing collaborative features or a community element would skyrocket that feeling.
  • More data for progress: Adding detailed analytics and insights into productivity trends would be a great bonus. It will be amazing to understand your peak hours, procrastination triggers, and areas for improvement.
  • Unification with other apps: Integrating with other productivity calendars, applications, or task management tools would speed up the workflow and save time switching between them. 

Who Should Consider Using Today Is The Day?

Laziness is when you lie on the couch and don’t want to do anything. At the same time, feel good. Nothing bothers you. Procrastination looks the same from the outside. You can lie on the couch and watch TV, but at that time, there is a real struggle going on inside. You know what needs to be done, and understand the importance of the task. It’s just that it’s impossible to start or finish the job.

I think this app is a must if anyone faces any problems with motivation and constantly postpones their tasks. If you’re ready to ditch the delay and embrace the day, as I do, go visit their official website. 

Final Thoughts 

In society, the topic of procrastination is often underestimated. People who put things off until later are called simply lazy. But if everything were so straightforward, there would not be much psychological research into this problem.

I became convinced that the anti-procrastination app will work for you and improve your life. My main advice is not to seek external support because it’s difficult on this path alone.