Don’t Let Your Screen Steal Your Self-Esteem! The Truth About Social Media and Beauty

  Apr 11, 2024

The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But, the generation might have confused the true beauty with something else. 

 social media beauty

Flashy makeup, perfect hourglass body shape, golden facial ratio, etc., the trend for such beauty standards has gotten so popular on social media that people are just jumping on the bandwagon without even thinking twice about it. 

Numerous so-called beauty hacks over the web that are supposed to make you look gorgeous, are in reality hurtful to your health. 

However, that’s only one side of it. Social media also cultivates awareness of and significance of self-care among people. 

Many self-care businesses like Salt Lake City medical spa have witnessed the progressive growth of customers prioritizing their mental and physical health.

With that note, it is high time we discuss more about social media’s perspective of beauty, and if it is actually as toxic as we think of it.

Social Media’s Perspective on Beauty

With the increase in numbers of ‘social media fam’, more and more people are getting into portraying their best version online. According to the 2021 survey by ParentsTogether, teen users who use beauty filters are more likely to desire plastic surgery.

The beauty standards set by social media are pretty much evident in our daily lives. The filters shape your face into more captivating dimensions such as high cheekbones, thinner chin, etc. which eventually convince people to go for plastic surgery or Botox treatments. 

Cosmetic plastic surgery has made such a strong foothold in the industry that it is currently valued at more than US$75 Billion (South Korea being the biggest market player)

cosmetic plastic surgery stats

Bright Sides of Social Media On Beauty and Health

Pretty impressive to see that there is a side of the social media community that is embracing positivity about the way they look, and working on being a better version instead of blindly following beauty trends. Below are some such bright sides of social media beauty trends:

  • Spreading Body Positivity: More influencers and social media users are working on embracing the way you look, instead of fitting into the unachievable standards. Such obsession can also cause several mental complexities such as Snapchat dysmorphia.
  • Health and Fitness Inspiration: Several fitness influencers like @leanbeefpatty, @mcshnizzle, @simeonpanda, etc. actively post fitness content and inspire more people to hit outdoors for better physical health.
  • Self-Help and True Beauty Influencers: Several Instagram handles or YouTube channels are there for you to enlighten you with healthy ways to stay beautiful. What to eat for healthy skin, exercises for better body posture, meditative practices for better mental health, you can learn about everything over social media.

Even the brightest star casts a shadow. Similarly, apart from several benefits, there are still some disadvantages of beauty seen on social media. Below are such disadvantages:

  • Unrealistic Beauty Standards: Community talks over social media can sometimes get ruthless. Incidentally, it is seen that men feel insecure for not being 6 ft. tall, and women follow unhealthy diet plans to achieve hourglass figures. Unfortunately, it is not possible for every human being to achieve such standards. This is where things get worse.
  • Cyberbullying: Another toxic trait of social media is cyberbullying. Apart from self-doubt, there are always some irresponsible users always there to hunt on to make people feel bad about their bodies.
  • Misleading Beauty Hacks: Not all accounts giving advice on social media are experts in their respective fields. This is why, if not follow tips viably, you can harm your body or skin instead of making it any better.

Feeling Unsatisfied With Your Body? Here’s How to Cope With Dissatisfaction

Follow these 3 practices given below to fall in love with your body *again*:

  • Practice Self-care: You are worth more than you think. This is why, seek guidance and follow self-care in your daily life to know how much you matter.
  • Fight With Negative Thoughts: The best way to overcome negative thoughts is to fight with them. The more you try to ignore them, the more they will haunt you. 
  • Start Spending Time with Positive Company: The people you sit with, eventually influence your lifestyle. So why not make it positive and fostering? Start spending time with those people who make you feel happy and confident.

Final Words

Social media is both a boon and a bane for mental and physical health. If used the right way, you can learn a lot about keeping your physical and mental health proper. On the other hand, joining toxic communities or blindly following unhealthy beauty traits can ultimately lead you to ruin your body.