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Richa Madaan

Ü Relax Reviews: Worth a Try or Better to Pass?

  Mar 18, 2024
Reviewed by Shreya Pasricha

The world we live in is moving faster than we can imagine.

There’s no minute to waste. There’s no moment to spare. 

In such a scheme of things, finding quick and effective relaxation solutions is more important than ever. Ü Relax Drink is created with a similar goal in mind.

U Relax Drink helps with symptoms of anxiety and instills a sense of calm to beat the blues. However, there are a couple of questions that need to be addressed:

  1. Does Ü Relax contain scientifically backed ingredients?
  2. Are there any questionable additives used in its formulation?
  3. Is Kava safe, or does it have any side effects?
  4. What do consumers have to say about Ü Relax? What are some real U Relax reviews?

Our review guide below aims to tackle these questions and many more. 

Ready? Set, go!


Ü Relax Drink: An Overview

Several herbs possess stellar health benefits. U Relax by Calming Co. (the parent company) leverages the Kava herb, which has kavalactones—active compounds known to have calming properties and play an instrumental role in coping with anxiety and inducing a state of tranquility.

Moreover, it is a powdered formula created to instill relaxation, soothe frazzled nerves, and elevate mood. 

With a formulation that boasts a fusion of fruit flavors and several plant-based ingredients, Ü Calm positions itself as a safe and effective alternative to alcoholic beverages and promises the same level of revitalization, if not better.

The company claims that U Relax is clinically tested and founded on the industry’s proven and validated methodologies for stress relief. 

Nevertheless, the extent of truth in such tall claims can be discerned by examining its ingredients. Let’s proceed!

Ü Relax Ingredients: What Goes in Making the Relaxation Drink?


First things first, U Calm has a few research-backed ingredients. 

The beverage boasts having “Kava”, an herb with restorative properties for inducing relaxation and keeping stress at bay. In a comprehensive 2018 meta-study, Kava was discovered to be a potent solution to short-term anxiety.

Ü Relax has Chamomile, a mild tranquilizer and sleep inducer. In a 2010 medical review, Chamomile has passed rigorous clinical trials by not only ensuring safety but also improving moderate-to-severe anxiety symptoms, surpassing expectations set by similar products.

Lemon Balm Extract is a pivotal part of Ü Relax’s formulation and has been clinically proven to alleviate anxiety and depression. The drink also contains Ashwagandha extract, which, according to a 2021 clinical trial, has been found to deliver an impressive 83% boost in stress control.

L-theanine, the amino acid champion and one of the primary ingredients in Ü Relax is known for its anxiety-alleviating effects. A Nutrients Journal Publication has attributed the potential to alleviate stress in adults to L-theanine.

Besides the above-mentioned ingredients, there are a few inactive ones in the formulation, which are:

  1. Citric Acid: Citric acid, a preservative and flavor enhancer, has been found to have the potential to induce systemic inflammation in certain individuals, according to a medical review published in the journal Toxicology Reports.
  1. Natural Flavors: While natural flavors are considered healthier than artificial ones, a 2013 medical review documented concerns regarding toxicity associated with certain flavoring additives and their metabolites.


Ü Relax appears promising for stress relief and relaxation. The formulation is hand-picked and impressive in terms of efficacy and potency. 

Nevertheless, safety concerns cannot be brushed under the carpet, particularly regarding the inactive ingredients. Moving further with one of the most informative U Calming Co Reviews, the following section explores potential Ü Relax side effects associated with Kava supplementation.

Is Kava Harmful for Your Well-Being?

While Kava has been validated for its ability to relieve stress, it’s crucial to acknowledge the other side of the fence. Recent findings by the FDA highlight a connection between certain dietary supplements containing kava and instances of severe liver injury.

The prestigious Annals of Hepatology, in a medical review, documented approximately 14 cases of liver injury suspected to be linked to kava usage. The study authors concluded that “in a few individuals, kava may be hepatotoxic.” 

Delving further into the nuances, a 2010 medical review shed light on the specifics, stating that kava hepatotoxicity is associated with the use of specific commercial anxiolytic ethanolic and acetonic kava extracts, as well as traditional recreational aqueous kava extracts.

The findings highlight the importance of responsible usage and prohibiting the consumption of any food substance because it benefits others. By staying informed and selecting quality products, one can extract the natural benefits of kava without compromising their well-being.


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A Closer Look at Benefits and Side Effects of Ü Relax Drink

A category of Ü Relax drink reviews speaks highly of its considerable benefits. Real users have come forward and confirmed the noticeable improvements in their:

  • Calmness quotient.
  • Stress-induced symptoms.
  • Focus and concentration levels.

However, it’s important to note that Ü Relax doesn’t have clinical backing, so it’s challenging to determine its side effects. We can do some guesswork and make an informed estimate based on its active ingredients.

Kava has health-giving properties but has a few side effects that need equal attention. According to a medical feature in the Alternative Medicine Reviews Journal, Kava can trigger a skin rash, one of its most common side effects.

The likelihood of a severe liver injury, in all honesty, is considerably rare. U Calming Co. takes pride in its exclusive blend of ingredients and claims its product to be 100% safe, effective, and holistically developed. Although the individual doses of each ingredient may not be explicitly outlined, Ü Calm strongly believes that they are committed to user safety. 

Earlier, Calming Co’s reviews and website suggested that kava has ‘no side effects.’ Thankfully, the website has removed the statement for the greater good. 

Ü Calming Drink: Pros and Cons

You can find many U Relax reviews that focus on the ups and downs of the products. Here’s our take: 


  1. Potent formula
  2. Free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  3. Vegan and gluten-free.
  4. Strong stress-reduction impact.
  5. Research-backed ingredients.


  1. Not clinically tested
  2. Active ingredients in a proprietary blend
  3. Contains citric acid and flavor additives
  4. Limited number of unsponsored U Relax drink reviews
  5. The brand claims no kava side effects

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Conclusion: Is Ü Relax Drink Really Good?

U Relax Drink stands out as a potent solution in the sea of modern-day anxiety relief products. It’s formulated meticulously with research-backed ingredients and delivers on what it promises. So, yes, you can spend your money to experience its benefits when dealing with anxiety. However, we’d still refrain from recommending the supplement owing to reservations and concerns surrounding kava, as well as its inactive ingredients.

Several U Relax reviews state that it indisputably works on stress symptoms; however, the shadow of its side effects, including rare instances of liver injury, cannot be dismissed as inconsequential.

We strongly advocate consulting healthcare professionals before incorporating any kava-containing supplement into their regimen, including Ü Calming Co’s drink.

Adding to the cautionary note, our inability to find a single unsponsored customer review paints a bleak picture. It’s imperative to dive into details, approach supplements like Ü Relax with a discerning eye and make informed decisions while prioritizing your well-being.


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