Nina Anniston

Nina Anniston

5 Reasons You Should Consider Undergoing Plastic Surgery

  Jan 17, 2024
Reviewed by Dr Saket Srivastava

Key Takeaways

  • Plastic surgery can help you in several ways, like removing a scar from an injury that affects you.
  • You can get your excess fat removed from your face if you do not feel comfortable with that
  • Liposuction is also the most common treatment people get treated within the world.

Everyone is willing to pay the price to look good. Who doesn’t want the perfect smile or the flawless skin? But that’s not all plastic surgery is good for. There was a time when getting any cosmetic enhancement was frowned upon. However, over the years, plastic surgery has since reclaimed its identity as a procedure that promotes body positivity. Getting your face altered doesn’t necessarily have to be for vain and shallow reasons. 

It has many benefits, and this article will help you explore them. You alone get to define what beauty means to you, and if you’re willing to have the operation to achieve your standards, go for it. 

What Constitutes Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is an umbrella term that covers any procedure that repairs, reconstructs, and replaces any physical defect. This means it does not matter if you have skin issues, need to get your musculoskeletal system sorted, or want to change your maxillofacial features, you need to get one. 

Commonly, you may have heard of techniques such as liposuction, tissue transfer, craniomaxillofacial, and microvascular operation. Whereas it may sound complex, the reality is far from it. All you need to do is work with a renowned group of specialists, such as those at Plastic Surgery Associates, who have years of experience and knowledge under their belt; you will get your money’s worth in no time. 

The industry itself is also rapidly flourishing; according to a report published in 2021, North America’s cosmetic and procedure market predicts massive growth within the sector by 2028 at the rate of 6.34%. So not only is it becoming widely acceptable, but it will also soon be a significant economic booster.

Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery

There are numerous reasons why you can get plastic surgery. If you want to improve your appearance, fix an injury, or eliminate a feature that you find embarrassing, medical science is here to help. The following are some reasons why you should look into considering this option:

To Get Rid of an Injury

plastic surgery

Certain wounds and injuries go skin deep, which causes them to scar as they heal. Deep injuries occur if you have been through a severe accident, possibly assaulted with a weapon, or from deeply traumatic injuries. 

These wounds can heal and become lighter with time, but they may not fade away. If you feel conscious about your appearance, you should get reconstructive surgery. This type heavily relies on skin grafting.

Moreover, if you’re dealing with congenital disabilities like webbed fingers or a cleft lip, getting operated on can help eliminate them. Scars and burns also come under this category.

Remove Wrinkles and Lines

wrinkle removal

As you grow older, your body starts to slow down and age. Your skin loses its natural elasticity and produces less oil, causing fine lines to stand out. Alternatively, if you go out in the sun too much without adequate skin coverage, you may also have wrinkles over your body. 

Environmental factors like atmospheric pollutants and lifestyle choices like smoking also add to your wrinkle problem.

Hence, if you want to get rid of your wrinkles, lines, and sagging, then you should consider getting treated. The procedure can help tighten your skin and remove these fine lines from anywhere on your body.

Reducing Excess Fat


Sometimes, no matter how much diet or exercise, you may still have ‘love handles or fat deposits around your body. Fat is stubborn; it can stick to your body because of hormonal imbalance, age, and lack of sleep. Most people don’t want unnecessary fat around their bodies, so it’s not unusual to go for an operation. In these cases, you will need to go through liposuction

Liposuction is also the most common type of surgery that people get themselves treated with. Here is the graph that proves the statement:


This is a type of surgery in which a certain percentage of fat gets removed from specific areas of your body, such as the stomach, hips, thighs, and buttocks, through suction. After all the fat gets removed, your body is also contoured into shape, giving it a more appealing look. 

For Aesthetic Purposes

Certain careers like modeling and acting require you to always look good. So, if you belong to an industry where your face value determines your career’s trajectory, you should keep yourself youthful.

You can also change your features, such as getting your nose shortened, your lips fuller, and your cheekbones more defined. But to achieve this look, you must consult a plastic surgeon who can guide you on what modifications you can make. 

If you plan to go down this route, you should familiarize yourself with concepts like a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), and facelift. 

Tightening up Loose Skin

If you have carried extensive weight for an extended period, it can damage the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. As a result, when you lose weight, your skin around the abdomen may start to sag. Once you hit this point, it may be hard for your skin to snap back into place. 

If your weight is about or more than 100 pounds, there’s a high chance you will end up with loose skin. This phenomenon also occurs if you undergo a rapid weight loss procedure like a bariatric operation, which results in large amounts of sagging, drooping, and skin hanging. 

Since there is a minimal chance your body will snap back into place, you will need to help you out. The same effect can happen during pregnancy. If you gain substantial weight during this period, you may have significant physical changes. 

Likewise, the influx of hormones also affects your skin, facial lines, and breasts, making them loose and wrinkly. Once again, the best way to bounce back is to opt for this option. 


Beauty standards are subjective. But that doesn’t mean you cannot come up with your definitions. If you define beauty as flawless skin, hands, and feet, you have every right to achieve that. You can work on yourself in many ways, one of them is by going under the knife. 

Plastic surgery is a resource, and when you know what you want, it can be the single best decision of your life. On the other hand, it also helps reclaim your lost confidence; if you’re not happy with your body, want to reduce wrinkles, and have a softer appearance, consider getting a treatment.