Amytra Therapy: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Healing

  Mar 30, 2024

mental illness

If you have been suffering from any condition such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, or any other mental illness, living life feels no less than hell. If you are not sure how it feels to be mentally ill, feeling extreme fear, being unable to focus on things, etc. are its major symptoms. At the core, a healthy mental situation is a perfect and balanced congruity between the mind, body, and soul. 

One way to recover from these symptoms to enjoy life like never before is through Amytra Therapy. Speaking from personal experience, their treatment feels like a port in a storm. Out of several mental conditions (be it PTSD, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, intimacy dysfunction, and so on), you are treated with a schedule that is unique to you. 

Hence, Amytra Therapy practices like art therapy, hypnotherapy, relationship counseling, and many other solutions await to refashion your lifestyle from hell to heaven.

The Applied Game Plan for Amytra Treatment Consolidates the Following Rules

 therapy session

The success rate of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is 50-75% after 5-10 sessions. Whereas, Exposure Therapy is 60-90% successful for PTSD and anxiety patients. 

With that data in mind, the therapy session at Amytra is a well-thought amalgamation of various factors such as how severe your condition is, your therapy needs, etc. Below are some more rules on which the treatment is applied:

  • Clearing Viewpoint: As per their official website, the therapy’s key focus is to embrace and foster better interconnectivity of physical, very close, mental, and strong flourishing. As their patient, you can clearly feel what change their treatments have brought to your lifestyle.
  • Relationship of Body and Brain: Professionals at Amytra Therapy believe that an individual can only be fit when it accommodates a healthy relationship between the body and brain. Likewise, in the journey towards success and a meaningful lifestyle, one cannot achieve that without focusing on the mental elements of the body.
  • Standard Modifying Modalities: Recuperating modalities refer to fixes obtained through plants, minerals, energy, and care rehearsals. In their beliefs, natural practices like neighborhood drug, needle treatment, reflection, yoga, etc. are the way to go.
  • Individualized Care: Everybody’s problem is unique to them. There is no fit-for-all concept in medical treatments (especially in mental treatments) where the same procedures can be applied to numerous patients. This is why therapists at Amytra emphasize curating a plan that is special to everyone, based on their necessities, propensities, and conditions.

Standards of Agreement and Understanding

energy streams and blockages

For a responsible therapist, it is paramount to maintain the standards of equilibrium and concordance among the body, brain, and soul. To maintain those standards, here are some key bits:

  • Yin-Yang Equilibrium: Amytra Therapists strongly agree with the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang. Success can only be felt or achieved if relative powers from all areas exist together as one. Likewise, despite being poles apart from each other in their nature, our body, and soul must be treated as one.
  • Five-Section Hypothesis: The famous Five-Section Hypothesis divides the whole run-of-the-mill world and the human body into five sections: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The therapeutic programs are designed solely to carve out the calmest version of you with the help of proper synchronization of these five sections from mother nature.
  • Energy Stream and Blockages: Qi (or chi) and Prana, are two major energy streams that are considered to be circulated through the body’s meridians, and in our breath. According to traditional Chinese medicine and Yoga, imbalances or blockages in these streams are the major reasons why we fall ill.

A Broadly Comprehensive Strategy for Overseeing Thriving


Referring to these unfortunate statistics, Amytra Therapy is always there for you to not be a part of this growing mentally ill population. At its core, it emphasizes a comprehensive strategy to tackle any ill symptoms that you are worried about. With assistance from their effective driving agreement, course of action, and with respect to everybody’s unique mental condition, therapists at Amytra strive to prosper your sound mind and body till its peak.


A completely fit and sound lifestyle cannot be achieved if there is no balance between your mind and your body. That is why, Amytra Therapy puts its undivided emphasis on several standards of agreement and curates a unique therapy blueprint for you, that is unique to your needs. Based on numerous ancient concepts of Chinese tradition and Yoga, their therapists thrive only towards your mental well-being.