Manali Modi

Manali Modi

Benefits of Natural Vitamin Supplements: Enhancing Health and Wellness Naturally

  Mar 18, 2024

Natural Vitamin Supplements

Most people think of supplements as magic pills that can be consumed at any time to provide an instant cure.  

However, enhancing health and wellness naturally is a process that the body slowly adapts and is long-lasting. 

In this regard, natural vitamin supplements play a significant role in completing all the nutrition requirements of the body. 

They strengthen the immune system and bone health, improve mood, better heart and brain condition, and more. 

If your busy lifestyle mostly consists of a sedentary workspace, less exposure to sunlight, and unhealthy food and drink habits, then you need to take multivitamins regularly. 

With the Vegan vitamin options from Whole Food Earth, you are adding a safe vitamin element that is better than the synthetic ones. 

This article explores the types of vitamins, their benefits, and the right time to take supplements. We will also guide you in choosing high-quality supplements and improve overall health. 

Signs of Vitamin Deficiency 

Signs of Vitamin Deficiency

Have you been feeling lethargic and depressed most of the time due to stress? Or have you been frequently getting sick with a slow recovery process?

These are minor but relevant signs of vitamin deficiency with a weak immune system and bone health.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), there is a growing deficiency of iron, vitamin A, and iodine globally, particularly in children and pregnant women.

Young adults are particularly vulnerable to Vitamin D deficiency because of a lack of nutritious dense meals and less exposure to sunlight, especially during winters.

Other necessary vitamins like vitamin C have antioxidant properties, Vitamin E that promotes better skin, eye, and liver, and Vitamin K that activates proteins and calcium.

All these micronutrients improve overall health and their lack can be fulfilled by taking natural vitamin supplements from a reputable supplement manufacturer.

By choosing a manufacturer that utilizes high-quality ingredients and prioritizes natural forms over synthetic vitamins, you can ensure you’re providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive.

Natural VS Synthetic Vitamin Supplements

Natural Vs Synthetic Vitamin Sources

The discussion about natural and synthetic vitamin supplements is a complex one, with many myths surrounding both types. 

Health safety concerns are primary but also they should be easy to absorb. 

Synthetic vitamin supplements:

  • Synthetic supplements are artificial substances chemically identical to natural ones. 
  • They are produced in labs using extraction methods. 
  • They are added to supplements to enhance their nutritional value. 
  • May contain additional flavors or fillers. 

Natural vitamin supplements:

  • Natural vitamins are easy to absorb with regular meals. 
  • They are harvested from local and organic ingredients and not in a lab. 
  • Nothing artificial or chemical is added to preserve the nutritional content. 
  • They have no side effects because they are safe for metabolism. 
  • There is no content accumulation and therefore no toxic elements in the body. 

Before consuming any natural vitamin supplement or starting a new diet routine, always check with your nutritionists. This is especially recommended for those who are already taking pills for other medical issues. 

There are two types of vitamins – water-soluble ( vitamin C and the group of B vitamins) and fat-soluble (vitamins – A, D, E, K).

Dos and Don’ts of Natural Vitamin Supplements

The Best Time of Day to Take Vitamin Supplements

No matter how safe, the quantity and the time of day you take natural vitamin supplements also matter. 

Our bodies need only small quantities of multivitamins to fulfill complete nutritional value. Excess of anything should always be avoided. 

Some dos and don’ts to follow before taking natural vitamin supplements are:

  • Don’t take supplements with tea or coffee as it disrupts the quick absorption process.
  • Do take vitamins with food as the natural digestive enzymes help in the breakdown of food.
  • The time of taking your regular medication should differ from vitamin consumption as it may decrease the effectiveness of both. 
  • Everybody is different and therefore, if you are pregnant, are breastfeeding, or have heavy periods, then only take vitamin supplements recommended by your gynecologist. 
  • Fish oil supplements can be kept in a fridge but other multivitamins should be at room temperature. 
  • Focus on maintaining a varied and balanced diet, instead of loading up on vitamin supplements. 
  • Never forget regular overall health check-ups to understand and prevent any medical issues. 
  • The best time to take your multivitamin is with breakfast. However, if you experience stomach ache then consider taking it before sleeping at night. 

The graph below shows the global natural vitamins market dynamics since 2023 which is expected to grow consistently till 2030. 

Global Natural Vitamin Market Growth from 2023-2030.

How to Choose the Best Quality Vitamin Supplements?

There are so many vitamin supplements available in the market that choosing the best one that is suitable for you can be tough. 

  • When purchasing a vitamin supplement always consider 3 things – quality, purity, and strength. 
  • Always check the label that it has a government food regulation approval which confirms that it does not have any toxic elements. 
  • Select a multivitamin that is suitable for your body after doctor’s recommendation. 
  • Check for a certificate of analysis from an authority third-party testing lab on the product label.
  • Always consume as per the medical prescription dosage. 
  • Take care that the supplement is natural and does not have any side effects or components that can flare up your allergies. 


A natural vitamin supplement is the best solution to complete your body’s daily nutritional requirements. Any lack of multivitamins only results in frequent illness and health deterioration. 

However, always choose high-quality vitamins that are easy to absorb, do not create gut issues, have no side effects, and are FDA-approved. 

Your health is a gateway to a healthy lifestyle which you can improve any time with the help of natural vitamin supplements.