Manali Modi

Manali Modi

The Role of Concierge Medicine in Transforming Patient Experience

  Mar 19, 2024

To stay ahead of the curve, some physicians attempt to transform their practice by themselves, especially those who operate their own practices. Indeed, it is time to think about the future and anticipate it. 

In this context, the transition to concierge medicine, be it for more comprehensive patient care or to prevent physicians from burning out is something to look for. 

At its core, concierge medicine is a healing agent that is also known as retainer-based or boutique medicine. Characterized by a subscription-based approach, this innovative solution aims to leverage a more intimate doctor-patient relationship. 

Fast Fact: 
According to AARP, concierge practices that don’t accept insurance tend to charge higher membership fees.

Nowadays, people are willing to use such models because it allows for more one-on-one personal care and visits that last longer.

Carry on reading to comprehend concierge medicine in depth along with advantages and how to select healthcare concierge services. 

Understanding Concierge Medicine

Reasons Why Patients Choose Concierge Medicine

Starting with, the concierge model is one of the healthcare models where patients pay a flat monthly fee for quicker access to healthcare providers. It majorly aims at prioritizing personalized attention and exceptional patient experiences. 

Want to know how? To answer, first, it limits the number of patients a physician serves and second, it allows physicians to dedicate ample time to each patient. 

As an outcome, healthcare providers can shift their focus to understanding the patient’s medical history, lifestyle, and health goals. 

Key factors that fuel its growth are as follows:

  • The demographic shift towards an aging population asking for multifaceted healthcare management. 
  • Technological advancements that enable personalized and efficient patient care.
  • Lastly, the physician’s choice for maintaining work-life balance and meaningful patient interactions.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine

Benefits of Concierge Medicine

“The concierge concept is appealing for both primary care physicians and their patients”, says Sequita Richardson, M.D., a family medicine physician at Encompass Medical Group.

the U.S. concierge medicine market size

As per the latest reports from 2022, the U.S. concierge medicine market size accounted for USD 6,306 million. Shortly, it is expected to be worth around USD 10,925.29 million by 2032.

Find out more about five major benefits of concierge medicine below and see how it can make a difference in the quality of health care:

Personalized Care

Traditionally, the biggest gripe is the rushed appointment. After all, it’s not the physicians’ fault, It’s the system they’re working in. Contemporarily, this solution facilitates rapport between you and your physician. It is something which is rare, but concierge medicine made it possible. 

Each patient gets enough time to discuss their health, medical history, life goals, etc. with preferred physicians before they have to rush out to see the next patient. 

Extended Appointment Times

The fact that physicians have to care for 2,000+ patients and see 20-30 per day. In concierge medicine, patients will get 30 minutes per appointment, no matter what. Gone are the days when physicians are constantly under pressure. 

Think about it, they don’t have one eye on the clock during your examination just because they are expected to keep moving between patients at 15-minute intervals.

Convenience and Accessibility

Have you ever witnessed a situation where you called your doctor to get an appointment and were told it would be a few days? This could be saddening, especially during tough times when someone needed them the most. 

With concierge medicine, you no longer need to wait for appointments, in lobbies, or an exam room. Mostly, concierge practices remove this hassle and guarantee same-day or next-day appointments. 

Virtual appointment capabilities ensure accessibility, meaning patients don’t need to be present physically for appointments. 

Preventive Care and Wellness Programs

Preventive care is not viable in traditional ways. Let’s say, people usually ignore symptoms or anything of that sort due to appointment/waiting systems. By getting a subscription for once, they can access their physicians sooner and can discuss anything by not stepping out of their personal space. 

Do You Know?:
According to the 2022 Survey of Physician Appointment Wait Times published by Merritt Hawkins, the average waiting time to schedule an appointment with a physician was 26 days for a new patient in 15 major U.S. cities.

Moreover, patients can get early access to any wellness program going on. 

Enhanced Communication and Patient Engagement

Conventional healthcare differs from what solutions we have today. Like, concierge medicine creates the strings of stronger communication between you and your provider. Some practices even provide around-the-clock telehealth and email access.

Selecting Healthcare Concierge Services

Deciding on a concierge medicine physician is a personal decision. Prior to committing to anyone consider these pointers:

Physician Qualifications and Experience

Pretty much every single person who thinks about switching to concierge medicine must know about their chosen physician, in terms of their qualification and experience. A well-experienced and qualified doctor can know you well. 

For your reference, concierge medicine at BH Concierge Health offers access to qualified concierge experts.

Communication and Accessibility

Among the list of physicians, prioritize the ones who value clear and transparent communication. To check that, you can conduct a 1:1 meeting before committing, as shared values matter. Evaluate their accessibility by keeping an eye on response times, availability for appointments, and 24/7 availability.

Range of Services Offered

First, make a list of your needs or preferences, then see if the chosen physician delivers the services you are looking for. Do not compromise, you are paying for it so you deserve to get what you are expecting.

The range of services might include preventive care, same-day appointments, wellness programs, immediate telehealth access, and personalized health plans. 

Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Bill Gates, an American businessman, investor, philanthropist, and writer once said, “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve”.

Doctors with no reviews, ratings, or testimonials are likely to be red flags. Reviews and testimonials let people gain valuable insights into the physician’s practice.

Accessibility of Specialists and Referral Network

Quality service and the referral network from the concierge physician matter a lot. What does referral network mean? It refers to their professional connections and existing relationships in orthopedics, neurology, oncology, GYN, dermatology, cardiovascular care, and other key specialties.

Even, consider their outcomes and how they measure quality when making referrals. For that, we strongly recommend getting together with your prospective concierge physician before joining.


Decisively, concierge medicine not only offers a viable alternative to traditional care but also emerges to set new standards for personalized, patient-focused healthcare. Simply put, this innovation is definitely a promising path forward for both patients and physicians. 

Individuals can enjoy a range of benefits, be it concerning getting personalized care, extended appointment times, convenience, preventive care, or patient engagement, concierge medicine heralds a new era of healthcare. 

There are many models in the market, but you have to search for the best on your own while keeping the aforementioned factors.