Nina Anniston

Nina Anniston

Ways on How You Can Make Your Nose Smaller Naturally

  Jan 17, 2024
Reviewed by Dr Saket Srivastava

Key Takeaways

  • Individuals who are concerned with the size of their nose can undergo rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Natural remedies including nose exercises and the use of anti-inflammatory ingredients also help in correcting the size of your nose.
  • Non-permanent options such as makeup are also a fruitful approach to changing the size of your nose.
  • Rhinoplasty is the only permanent solution to mound your nose.

Does the size of your nose make you uncomfortable? Do you feel you need to have a size smaller than you have? The nose is where the respiratory process begins, and it has the most protruding features. 

With this amount of visibility, it alters its overall shape. As a result, rhinoplasty is among the most frequent plastic surgeries. 

The surgery’s before and after results seem to highlight its impact’s gravity. 

You can visit areas such as Rhinoplasty NYC for further information about the surgeries. But how can you make it naturally small? Do you know that it is possible? 

Read through the article to find out. 

Natural Remedies 

With the internet, various ways are claimed to make it little without surgical intervention. Trying out natural remedies does not guarantee an impact. However, people often go for such techniques. 

Make sure that you consult a specialist or any experienced person before you try out. Some individuals may develop allergic reactions. 

Below are the most popular techniques: 

Nose Exercises to Make it Smaller

One of the methods is to do the nose exercises. The suggested routine includes holding the side of your nose with your thumb or index while breathing in deeply. 

If you are lucky, then its sides might eventually come in shape. 

By Use of the Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients 

The list includes everything from ginger to ice, garlic, and cider vinegar. In short, engage any materials with anti-inflammatory properties to help you make it smaller. Ginger burns the fact that it is built up and makes it look slim. 

The ingredients normally contain elements that reduce the swelling. 

Fun Fact
According to research, men tend to have issues with smaller noses, while women tend to lust over sharper nose tips or smooth nose bridges.

Alternative Methods 

Use of Makeup 

Using makeup is not a permanent solution. However, if you plan to have a natural method, this might be your fruitful approach. You can always alter how light reflects on your nostrils with a highlighter and contouring set. 

For instance, having sharper tips, no hump, with the hump, rounder tips, and the list is endless. 

The thinner the line, the smaller your nose; the broader the line, the wider your face will look. After all this, apply the contour to the sides to emphasize the effect of the highlighter. 

There are several YouTube tutorials on how you can use contour and highlighter to make it in the shape that you require. 

Other methods include using ice cubes. The massage will help in reducing the bloating, giving a slim and fit nose. People also massage the area with essential oils, as it removes cellulite and other fatty acids.



It is the only permanent and accurate approach to reshaping your nose, as you can never shrink it without surgical intervention. Makeup does quick interventions, but it has its limitations. The treatment is normally successful if the patient chooses a reputable hospital and surgeon to do the procedure. 

However, if you are displeased and uncomfortable with the appearance of your nostrils, and it starts to impact your life, you should start looking for resources that would encourage you. 

For instance, you can see the before and after surgery pictures, read stories from people who have done it before, and research it properly. The process is very simple compared to what you might assume. The success rate is also 80%, and it only increases if you opt for an experienced and well-known surgeon. 

Do You Know?
Turkey is considered to be the home of the cheapest rhinoplasty surgery, followed by Croatia and the Czech Republic.

In 2022, the rhinoplasty market size stood at $5.8 billion globally and is expected to reach $9.6 billion by 2030. 

There are various types of rhinoplasty, but the most common ones are:

  • Open Rhinoplasty
  • Closed Rhinoplasty
  • Revision Rhinoplasty
  • Filter Rhinoplasty
Statistics on Rhinoplasty market

The concept that one can mound their nostrils to their liking has no scientific foundation. It is not made of muscles, so it is resistant to external factors. With all the natural remedies, the only one that can make it permanent happens to be surgery. 

Do you want to have a smaller nose permanently? If you are ready, you can visit areas such as Rhinoplasty NYC, where you will be guided on what is needed.