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Nina Anniston

Naked and Thriving Renew Serum: An In-Depth Review

  Mar 18, 2024
Reviewed by Pinky Kumari Pandey

As we advance in age, youth – the ‘treasure’ of our teenage years – starts depleting. 

Naked and Thriving is a popular skincare brand that claims to improve skin moisture, reduce wrinkles, and refine skin texture to help you get soft supple skin and lock in ‘timeless, youthful radiance.’ 

Naked and Thriving Renew Serum Review

But a couple of questions need answering: 

  • Are the ingredients used scientifically proven to deliver these results?
  • Are there any questionable additives in the serum? 

In today’s Naked and Thriving Renew Serum review, we aim to answer these questions by diving into medical facts and user feedback. We’ll also examine the brand’s health claims and determine their accuracy and veracity. 

Naked and Thriving Renew Serum: An Overview

Naked and Thriving Night Serum claims to gently exfoliate dead cells for brighter and even skin using natural ingredients like sugar cane and fruit-derived AHAs.

While AHAs can be sourced from sugar cane and fruit, their effectiveness may differ when glycolic acid or any other acid, like Hyaluronic acid, is used in the formulation. Since Naked and Thriving Serum has sugar cane and fruit-derived AHAs with glycolic acid, we doubt if the product measures up to expectations. 

Note ❗There’s a substantial distinction between the extracted, pure ingredient (such as glycolic acid) and the original plant material (like sugar cane extract). 

Let’s gather more information about the product by examining the ingredient label.

Naked and Thriving Serum Reviews: What Ingredients Tell Us?

Naked and Thriving Serum Ingredients Reviews

Naked and Thriving Serum has well-supported ingredients.

Sodium hyaluronate is a notable part of Naked and Thriving Renew Serum’s formulation. Lauded in several medical studies for its anti-aging and skin rejuvenating properties, sodium hyaluronate aids in improving hydration, reducing wrinkles, and stimulating collagen.

Ferulic acid, another potent ingredient, and an antioxidant, safeguards skin structural health, as outlined in a 2018 medical review. Naked and Serum has infused the power of bilberry extract in its serum’s formulation.

Bilberry extract has been recognized by the Antioxidants Journal for enhancing barrier function and shielding against external threats. Moreover, Aloe leaf juice, validated as a natural moisturizer, adds to the serum’s efficacy and helps you look after your skin

Remarkably, the serum excludes potentially harmful elements like synthetic preservatives and artificial dyes common in cosmetics. By choosing phenethyl alcohol as a natural preservative over synthetic alternatives, the serum offers a safer option. 

Having said that, our dilemma regarding sugar cane and fruit-derived AHAs remains a focal point, leading us to lower our rankings a bit.

Overall, Naked and Thriving Renew Serum has our backing for having an effective, meticulously developed cosmetic formulation. In our Naked & Thriving review, we affirm that the product lives up to expectations, enhancing skin quality and combating aging effectively. 

How to Use Naked and Thriving Renew Serum?

All Naked and Thriving products come with an instruction label, and so does its Renew Serum.

Naked and Thriving Renew Serum

The product is for external use only. Take a few drops of the serum on your fingertips and apply on your face and neck in an upward direction until completely absorbed. For guidance on the application, refer to the instructional video on the Naked & Thriving YouTube channel.

Individual reactions to skincare products can vary, so conducting a patch test before widespread use is a good practice. If you have specific concerns or pre-existing skin conditions, it is advisable to seek advice from your dermatologist or healthcare professional before incorporating any new skincare product into your routine.

What is the Price of Naked and Thriving Renew Serum?

Apart from having a power-packed formulation, the Naked & Thriving Renew Serum is competitively priced at $68 per ounce. 

This places it at a slightly lower cost than premium cosmetic brands with comparable anti-aging products, such as Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair ($85 per ounce) and Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil ($74 per ounce). 

Even when compared to more budget-friendly alternatives like CeraVe Vitamin C Serum ($17.50 per ounce), Naked & Thriving stands out as a sensible option for individuals in search of effective yet affordable skincare products.

For those seeking more pocket-friendly choices, this serum may not be the most suitable option. However, if you are looking for a more natural, less synthetic, and affordable skin rejuvenating option, Naked and Thriving Renew Serum is undoubtedly a good choice for you.

Naked and Thriving Renew Serum Reviews: Words from Real Users

Naked and Thriving thrives on accurate, non-exaggerated health claims – a factor signaling brand integrity and evoking our appreciation for its commitment to customer loyalty. Their website reports 100% of users noticing improved skin hydration, backed by a survey of 34 participants labeled as ‘Consumer Results.’ 

What deserves a hoot of applause is the brand’s avoidance of using false claims of ‘clinical results,’ a common misleading industry practice. Unlike other skincare brands, Naked and Thriving affirms its transparency based solely on user-reported data.

With over 900 customer reviews on the Naked and Thriving website, our focus is primarily on first-party feedback. A standout positive review by verified user ‘KELEA Y.’ attests to the product’s effectiveness.

“Try it yourself. I literally don’t see my lines anymore. Right now I’m sitting in a super bright room and I don’t have those lines.”

Another review by ‘Alan Cohen’ on Amazon praised the serum for being incredibly skin-friendly.

“I buy from the naked and thriving site, but I just needed one item so I came to Amazon. Seems to be legit and these products are great for my skin!”

The top negative review on Amazon by user ‘Roseanne’ rates the product 1 out of 5 stars, citing breakouts. She writes:

Sadly the product was leaking an it is an oil my clothes have been thrown away

Oil would not come out.”

One review says, “This product was overhyped to be such a wonderful moisturizer. I thought it was average and overpriced for the benefit. I would not buy it again.”

Pros and Cons of Naked and Thriving

Here is our assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of the Naked & Thriving Renew Serum:

Potent anti-ageing propertiesFragrant essential oils lead to skin sensitivity reactions
No additives in the formulationSmall sample size
Positive customer reviewsA little expensive
No manipulative or extraordinary claims

Final Verdict

Native and Thriving Renew Serum’s formula, backed by medical research, incorporates botanical ingredients proven effective for reducing wrinkles and enhancing skin quality. Notably, it excludes harmful additives like synthetic preservatives. 

Commendably, Naked and Thriving Renew Serum avoids misleading clinical claims based on user surveys, a common industry practice we oppose. Thus, the product gets our thumbs-up in our review, earning our recommendation. 


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