Unlock Your Dazzling Smile with Clear Aligners   

  Jun 14, 2024

How Do Clear Aligners Function?   

Clear Aligners are transparent trays that discreetly straighten crooked teeth.   

These are a series of trays that exert mild pressure on the crooked teeth to shift them to their correct positions. The time spent wearing the trays is 22 hours per day. Each set of trays should be worn for two weeks and then switched to the next set.

How Are Clear Aligners Better than Traditional Braces?  

Clear Aligners are the latest innovation in Dentistry and have proven to be better than traditional braces. Let’s discuss various aspects of Clear Aligners:   

Aesthetically Appealing:   

The transparency of the Clear Aligners sets them apart from other traditional orthodontic braces. They are nearly invisible to the naked eye. Patients feel confident while wearing them.   

Clear Aligners covers a wide age bracket, as adults and teens both feel comfortable and confident with Clear Aligner Treatment. Patients can quickly go for teeth straightening with Aligner trays without getting noticed.   

Pleasant Experience:   

Clear Aligners are way more comfortable than traditional braces. They are easy to wear and remove. Initial discomfort with transparent trays is minimal, but it later vanishes.   

On the contrary, traditional metallic braces are bulky. They are painful and cause discomfort to many patients. Clear Aligners offer a comfortable and blissful orthodontic experience with practical outcomes.   

Easy To Maintain:   

The most significant advantage of Clear Aligners is they are removable. Clear Aligners are removed before brushing and flossing the Teeth. Hence, it’s easy to maintain oral hygiene throughout the Aligner treatment.   

Aligners should be washed with running tap water and mild cleaning agent to maintain their clear and transparent nature.

On the other hand, brushing with metal braces is a tedious task. Poor oral hygiene throughout the treatment causes the patient to have foul breath.   


Clear Aligners allow patients to savour all kinds of foods without restriction. The trays should be removed before eating.   

Traditional Braces come with limitations as they are fixed on the teeth. Sticky and hard–textured food tends to break wires and brackets.   

Are Clear Aligners Suitable for You?   

Clear Aligners correct mild to moderate misalignments of the teeth. If you have any of the following Dental conditions, then Clear Aligners are the solution to your problem:   

Crowded Teeth– Insufficient space in the jaws leads to crowding of the teeth.   

Gapped Teeth– Spacing between the teeth.

Overbite: An overbite is when the upper front teeth overlap too much over the lower front teeth after closing the mouth. The patient may face difficulty in speech and chewing food. In severe cases, a person may also face gum soreness. 

Crossbite is a misalignment where the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth. This can be in the front tooth or back tooth as well. 

Crooked or Rotated Teeth.   

How To Get Clear Aligners?   

Consult a Dentist:

Your dentist will do a checkup, understand the need for aligners and then curate a specialized treatment plan for you.

3D Scans & Digital Impressions:   

Clear Aligners utilizes advanced technology to fabricate clear trays. 3D scans help design trays with more accuracy and precision. 

Treatment Plan:    

The dentist analyses the severity of the misalignment of the teeth along with 3D scans and then decides the duration of the treatment and the number of clear aligner trays needed. 

Aligner Fabrication:   

Clear Aligners are crafted using a thermoforming procedure. In this process, medical-grade plastic is heated to the point where it softens. Then, it is placed over the 3D models, which take its shape.

Wear Schedule:   

Your dentist will instruct you about the Clear Aligners. The dentist recommends wearing clear trays for 20-22 hours per day. The trays should be changed every two weeks. If you lose or break your aligners, immediately inform the dentist.


The dentist will recall you to analyze the progress in the treatment. Also, the necessary changes in the treatment plan should be made.   

What Is the Duration of the Treatment? 

The Clear Aligners are more efficient and take less time to deliver expected outcomes. The Digital scans of the patient’s mouth easily predict the outcomes of the treatment and an estimated timeframe needed.

The treatment may take a few weeks to months to properly align teeth.    

Are Clear Aligners Expensive?   

The cost of Clear Aligners depends upon various factors such as:   

1. Severity of the case:   

The more misalignments in the teeth, the more trays will be required to correct the misalignment. This adds up to the cost of the Aligners.   

2. Dentist Fee:

The renowned and experienced dentist may charge higher fees than the rest of the dentists. So, the treatment cost may vary depending on your dentist.   

3. Location of the Dental Clinic:   

The clinics in urban areas tend to charge more than those in rural areas. The standard of living adds up to the cost of treatment.   


Clear Aligners are slightly more expensive than traditional metallic Braces but worth the investment. Clear Aligners have drastically revolutionized orthodontic treatment. They are widely accepted by all age groups and recommended by dentists worldwide.   

They discreetly straighten teeth without any discomfort to the patients. It is an excellent alternative for people planning to get their dream smile.