Richa Madaan

Richa Madaan

7 Quotes on Staying Sober to Help You Through Temptation

  Jan 17, 2024
Reviewed by Ayushi Jain

staying sober

Overcoming from triggers and temptations in the journey to sobriety is quite complex. It requires strength, will, determination as well as perseverance. As many recovering from would tell you would tell you, it is not easy to come back from the dark. This is especially the case when there is temptation around every corner.

During such times, it becomes noteworthy that you remind yourself; why you choose to be sober and also find the motivation to keep on track.

Here’s some motivation to help you through this journey.

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”

— Edmund Hillary

It is one of our favorite and most far-reaching quotes for staying sober. It’s kind of a metaphor that represents that your internal struggle is oftentimes more formidable than any external challenge you may face.  

It means that overcoming your internal struggles is the true victory. It highlights the importance of the power of inner strength and self-belief in overcoming the desire to consume alcohol.

Every time you are able to resist the temptation, you are not just overcoming a momentary urge but are also winning the battle against yourself. It is a powerful reminder of how to live after recovery, as well as knowing your inner strength and your ability to bounce back.

“Recovery is not for people who need it; it’s for people who want it.”

— Anonymous

Now, this is a quote that embodies the essence of recovery. This is a choice that one must make for themselves. The need for sobriety can be pretty obvious from an outsider’s perspective, but change can only come from within.

The only one who can succeed is the one who wholeheartedly wants to change and can see the value in overcoming addiction. This quote serves as a reminder that your will to stay sober must come from within and not from any external influences.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

— Socrates

The path to sobriety is a constant battle. Instead of hanging on to the past, you need to look ahead to the new life you’ll be creating in the future. It stands as a reminder that you should invest your energy into building a healthier and happier life rather than clinging to your past self.

Socrates may be one of the founders of Western philosophy.

You need to embrace the change and see it as an opportunity to grow and transform. Just look ahead and walk forward, there is a bright future waiting for you.

“Don’t let the past steal your present.”

— Cherríe L. Moraga

When you’re recovering from addiction, catching up on past regrets and mistakes can be very easy. But, also dwelling on the past can take away from your present. This means that we have a choice to not let the past define us, we need to move ahead and make the most of each day.

Every day can be an opportunity to create a better life for yourself. You don’t need to let the past hold you back.

This quote means that the past might have shaped who you are in the present, but it cannot stop you from changing your future. Being in the present allows you to have choices. Rather than being driven by your past patterns and behaviors, you can create a better you in the future.

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”

— Theodore Roosevelt

Belief can be a powerful force that can even move mountains. You need to understand the importance of self-belief and have faith in yourself. You are already halfway there when you believe that you can definitely overcome your alcohol addiction.

It can be a natural thing to have doubts and fears when you’re beginning your journey into sobriety. But you never need to lose faith in yourself. You have the strength to achieve anything you can put your heart into.

“Every worthy act is difficult. Ascent is always tricky. Descent is easy and often slippery. ”

— Mahatma Gandhi

The journey to sobriety will not be an easy one. It requires your constant effort and will to overcome temptations. Giving in can be an easy way out, but that will ultimately lead you into slipping back into your old habits and patterns.

Gandhi was married during his early teens. He married his 14-year-old bride Kasturbha Gandhi when he was just thirteen. He had four sons before taking a vow of celibacy for a lifetime.

The actual test of strength lies in your choosing the thorny path to sobriety. Achieving the goal could prove challenging and hard, but the reward is a hundred times more fulfilling.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. ”

— Chinese Proverb

This serves as a reminder for recovering alcohol addicts that it’s never too late to make a comeback. When you may start regretting even beginning your journey to sobriety but it’s never too late to begin again. 

Every day presents us with an opportunity for change. You should not let your past mistakes hold you from taking action to make a change in your life.

This quote gives encouragement to those who want to seize the opportunity and take the first towards a healthier and happier life. 

Living by These Quotes on Staying Sober

The journey to sobriety can be challenging yet rewarding and may require constant effort and perseverance. These seven motivational quotes can be a powerful reminder to us that we have the inner strength, self-belief, and will to overcome any hurdle that life may throw at us. 

Whenever you may feel tempted to give in, just remember that you are not alone. Just keep these quotes in your heart, look forward, and move ahead toward a healthier and happier life.