Ayushi Jain
Ayushi Jain

Journaling Coach and Mental Health Activist


B.Tech (CSE) from the World College of Technology & Management Advance Leadership Program from Harappa


Mental Health Coach Guided Journaling Creative Writing & Storytelling Digital Marketing Self-Help Training Decluttering & Intentional Living


Ayushi is a self-trained Journaling Coach and Mental Health Activist. - She owns Mindful Investment Academy, where she coaches students & working professionals through Journaling, Guided Meditation, Intentional Living, and Habit Building


Being a self-trained Journaling & Life Coach, Ayushi has invested her 4+ years in learning what it means to live a mindful life guided by journaling and positive habit-building. She has coached 2,000+ participants to date, including students, working professionals, freelancers, and kids. She attended many programs to further her learning, such as Satvic Movement, Art of Living, and Patanjali.

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