Richa Madaan

Richa Madaan

Unleash Your Erotic Blueprint to Find More About Yourself.

  Jan 17, 2024
Reviewed by ayushi

I don’t think it would ever be even remotely unproductive to get an insight into ourselves, our bodies, and our mental health. This is why we go to therapy, to understand why we think the way we think. The same goes for understanding our body needs, our sexual needs, and our desires. 

Understanding our sexual blueprint and needs could be way too valuable than we think, plus it has a very strong potential to enhance our sexual lives in a much more positive way. 

Personally, I think that talking about our love language is far easier than talking about our erotic blueprint. I know sexual blueprint theory isn’t as easy and straightforward as understanding our love and affection needs is, but that’s what I’m here for. So let’s start with understanding what an erotic blueprint is. 

Understanding Erotic Blueprints

Do you know how everyone has their love language? How do we know that we like how the other person cares for us, understands us, etc.? Similarly, we have erotic language too. So by understanding our erotic blueprint, we can get a deeper insight into our erotic language and understand what it is and how it works. This leads us to better communication when it comes to intimacy and sex. 

So if you know your as well as your partner’s erotic blueprint, you can witness a deeper sense of compassion building a better understanding between you both about intimacy and why you behave the way you behave during sex. This can easily be done by taking an erotic blueprint test, but before that, let’s get a brief about it. 

An erotic blueprint is more like an arousal map that tells your primary sexual style and behaviors. This also tells the types of pleasure you enjoy, your turn-ons and turn-offs, and what makes you reach orgasm. In the sexual blueprint theory, there are five types of erotic blueprints- 

  • Energetic
  • Sexual
  • Sensual 
  • Kinky
  • Shapeshifter 

This whole concept of the sexual blueprint was built by Jaiya, who studied this for two decades and explored the various types of erotic blueprints. These five types are basically patterns that one needs to uncover to gain self-awareness, communication, and erotic pleasure. 

Now that we are talking about the five types of sexual blueprints let’s have a deeper insight into each of them. 

The 5 Types of Erotic Blueprints

Usually, one or two out of these five blueprints are our primary ones. And the primary blueprint is the one that represents the fastest route to our eroticism, while the second one is for the sake of pleasure.  

However, it’s not certain that your sexual blueprint will stay intact throughout your life; it can change at any phase or stage of your life. In fact, there are chances that you become so intrigued by your partner’s blueprints that it becomes yours too. After all, exploring ourselves is all that it takes to discover what we actually need. 

Let’s now get to understand each of the five erotic blueprints of the sexual blueprint theory:


For the energetic blueprints ones, energy is all that it’s about. These are the people who are aroused by things like teasing, space, and anticipation. And since they are so hypersensitive to these things, even less touch is more for them. 

There are certain ways to please energetic blueprint lovers; eye contact and hovering touches are what they love. They even have full-body orgasms and orgasms without being touched. This is the kind of orgasm where a physical touch of the other person isn’t mandatory, and emphasis on the other parts of the body aids in sexual pleasure too. 

Thriving- If you are an energetic blueprint, don’t underestimate your breath; try to take deep breaths during sex. However, you may be challenged by too much, too fast, and dissociate from pleasure while being overwhelmed. 

You know you are the Energetic blueprint when-

  • You are sensitive
  • You love anticipation 
  • You are more aroused by the pleasure your partner is feeling
  • You are easily affected by some negative emotions
  • You are turned by some energy play 


These are the ones that love nudity, frequent erotic sexual intercourse, penetrations, basically, everything about sex. They just love sex. These are the ones who can get really indulged in orgasms and can even get upset when they aren’t getting enough. 

Their erotic language is simple, they pursue orgasm and penetrative sex. They are aroused quite easily and enjoy frequent orgasms. They can be even visually aroused by bodies and might not experience much shame in their sexuality. 

Thriving- The sexual blueprints one enjoys watching sex, so you may use ethical porn to heighten your sexual experiences. And not just that, you can even use these to discover new positions, watch it with your partner, or use it in foreplay or something. 

You know you are the Sexual blueprint when-

  • Mostly men are expected to be more sexual 
  • You are easily turned on
  • You sometimes feel performance anxiety
  • You can go from zero to orgasm very quickly
  • You like having sex to relax
  • You are turned on by visuals or touch stimulus 


These are the ones who like to have their five senses on and engaged (sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste). It is all about vibes for them. They are turned on by exploring and having their all senses explored by their partners. For them, setting the perfect mood and perfect environment is quite very important. They enjoy every bit of their surroundings during sex. 

They might even like to be indulged in various types of play and want to be teased for a while. They are the ones who love romantic gestures. People involved in erotic sexual intercourse with their loved ones mostly have this type of erotic blueprint, and this is why they are aroused by the sense of connection and closeness they have. 

Thriving- For the sensual blueprint ones, there’s a whole bunch of plays and genres of exploration that are dedicated to their senses. There are simple things that can be of so much pleasure to you. Blindfold, foreplay, massage candles, or heated toys can help a lot. 

You know you are the Sensual blueprint when-

  • You need to have sex to relax 
  • You tend to like it when it’s romantic
  • You love to receive and give sensual plays
  • You like relaxing activities like massaging, bathing, etc. 
  • It’s often hard for you to let go


This sexual blueprint might be created out of the taboo by society. These are the ones that are excited by things and activities which are ‘marked’ outside the sexual norms of sexuality. They are the ones who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and try something different from the common sex activities and norms. 

They are often drawn to some power dynamics and psychological and even sensational-based kinks. Basically, they like to have a lot of creativity and imagination in their sex while enjoying every role-play situation. 

Thriving- If you are one of the kinky blueprint ones, it would be beneficial to find someone with the same interest so that there would be more creativity and no hesitation from both ends. 

You know you are the Kinky blueprint when-

  • You are turned on by some out-of-the-box kinky sexual plays
  • You often have some rich fantasies
  • You want to experience sexual freedom in all ways
  • You want and enjoy creativity in sexual plays
  • You can also be turned on by some psychological plays
  • You may get stuck in some particular fantasy 


The one with all of the above. Their erotic language is something in between everything that is mentioned above. They want and need variety, they don’t really have a particular type or kink, they like to explore. 

They like experimenting and experiencing new things, and new positions. They have a huge capacity for pleasure and someone with the same interest would be the right one for them. They enjoy and take their time in every activity and erotic sexual intercourse. They are even considered wonderful lovers who have a high knowledge of erotic pleasures. 

They can also be a little challenging as it might get really hard to feed their desires fully. They can shape-shift too much since they like it but they are often told that they are too much. 

Thriving- Since you have versatility, you can try anything. It would be even better to try new things and positions every time. You might also want to get a sexual bucket list for yourselves. 

You know you are the Shape-shifter blueprint when-

  • You love and enjoy everything mentioned above

Here’s a much-detailed breakthrough of the erotic blueprint that might help you understand yours better. 

Habits Energetic Sexual Sensual Kinky Shape-shifter 
During foreplay, I prefer Emotional connection I don’t link foreplayA hot bath, and slow kisses Dark fantasies I like everything 
I’m most turned on when My partner’s arousal increases We both are naked and ready for it I can relax and get out of my head I’m performing fantasies about something I’m myself taboo about I’m comfortable with all 
I have sex to To connect emotionallyTo get myself relaxed Connect more deeply and feel the pleasure Overcome shame or let go of play All of these 
During most sexual encounters I consider myself Sensory Visual Romantic Out of the box All of these equally 
When I fantasize I think of something outside my comfort zone, see vivid colors, I focus on emotional connections I picture penetration I imagine romantic scenes, with slow dancing, loving, kissing, etc. I think of dominating or being dominated, I imagine out-of-the-box sexual activities. I think all of these 
During sex, I mostly think about I sense more than anything, and I sense my partner’s feelings My orgasm, genitals, or how hot my lover is How I look or maybe something distracting I think about some fantasy I think of all of these equally 
What turns off you the most? Direct genital touch or a lack of connections Too much complications Being stuck in my head, having some tension, or distraction Lack of something naughty All of these 
What do you most dislike about sex? That it’s too physical When there’s no orgasm The mess, sexual fluids Feeling guilty or weird afterward None, I like everything 
When it comes to touch, I would prefer Hover over my skin Direct genital touch Ignite all of my senses into my body Nibbles and scratches All of these

And these were all the five erotic blueprints that one may discover in themselves. There can be some that also face the issue of erectile dysfunction and asthma. So with such matters, is it really necessary to unleash one? How does it affect us? Let’s find out. 

Why is It So Significant to Find Your Erotic Blueprint?

I know sex education has always been taboo and never really taken seriously, but when it comes to us, we surely think for once how beneficial it would have been if we got the right knowledge at the right time. But, here’s the good news, it’s still not late. 

Most of us still don’t even have our primary blueprints when it comes to sexual pleasure, you are at least close to discovering yours. This is why discovering your sexual blueprint can be really significant for a better sexual life. Plus it helps you take out the guesswork when you keep on wondering why you are so weird during erotic sexual intercourse. 

First, we should discover and understand our sexual needs, desires, and boundaries, and then only we’ll be able to talk about the issues that our partner faces and understand them better. 

Once you understand your energetic blueprints, it opens a door to better communication, understandability, and more comfort between you and your partner. Since most people aren’t really aware of their sexual blueprints, once we get to know our partners too, we will understand that the issue was not what we thought. That it’s actually not even related to sexual incompatibility, it’s just a mere lack of understanding and communication. 

Plus with so many sexual blueprint theory quizzes free available on the internet these days for blueprint tests, there’s nothing that you can’t learn. Let’s now get to know how you can get your blueprint breakthrough free. 

How to Find Your Erotic Blueprint, and What is the Best Way For It?

There’s not just one but many ways to find out your sexual blueprint, one is the blueprint test. There’s a sexual blueprint theory quiz free that you can take for unleashing your erotic needs and desires. There are two versions of the quiz, one will give you the primary blueprint which they won’t charge anything for. But to get your entire blueprint, you need to pay a minimum fee of $17. 

Apart from the quiz, what you can do is see what your body has to say, notice what things you wouldn’t prefer during sex or you wouldn’t feel comfortable performing for or with your partner either. 

You can even try exploring things with your partner like the best yoga pose to remove erectile dysfunction. Various forms of touches, foreplay, toys, and many such activities. In fact, most people don’t even bother to take out time for exploring their sexual needs and desires, this is why blueprint breakthrough free can be really of much help here. 
There’s a Netflix series about the same too, Sex, Love, and Goop. Try watching this series with your partner or any way you feel comfortable with, this could give you some more ideas and confidence.