Jeremy Ohara

Jeremy Ohara

Choosing the Right Home Oxygen Therapy Solution

  Mar 18, 2024

A life depended on home oxygen therapy provides freedom to continue doing everyday things safely. For this reason, whatever your age, opting for the appropriate oxygen delivery system setup is necessary. 

It is a stationary medical device that requires regular maintenance to filter room air. The best manufacturers always provide the best quality after checking the prescription with accessories and a warranty. 

This guide examines home oxygen concentrator options and factors to consider when working with a supplier like Lovego Medical.

What is a Home Oxygen Concentrator?

When is Oxygen Therapy Required?

A home oxygen concentrator is a stationary medical device that provides oxygen therapy to patients in the comfort of their residences. 

Similar to portable concentrators, home units filter room air to increase oxygen concentration through specific permeability or pressure swing absorption.

Concentrated oxygen then flows continuously to the patient through a cannula or mask at prescribed levels ranging from 1-10 litres per minute (LPM). 

Home concentrators run on standard wall outlet power and do not require bulky cylinders or expensive cryogenic storage tanks.

Oxygen concentrators last four to seven years but they require regular cleanliness just like any other device. Always use a mild and safe washing liquid to wipe off the surface with a soft cloth.

Home Oxygen Therapy Delivery Methods

Providing the best quality of a home oxygen device is paramount for every delivery company. An engineer helps set up the system, informing about its usage to the caregiver. 

Leading manufacturers offer concentrators configured for different administration techniques:

  • Continuous flow: A steady flow of oxygen-enriched gas at a set LPM
  • Pulse dose: Bursts of oxygen matched to inspiration for improved efficiency
  • Reserve dosed: Continuous flow supplemented by on-demand boluses
  • Demand flow: Adjusts output based on patient breathing patterns

The optimal flow setting depends on individual needs under the doctor’s guidance. Lovego Medical helps prescribers determine the right delivery method.

Choosing a Home Oxygen Concentrator

The delivery of a home oxygen device should be conducted after checking all necessary recommendations and accessories. It is based on prescribed requirements, lifestyle, and variable length of time. 

Key factors impact which home unit suits a patient’s specific long-term oxygen treatment plan:

  • Prescribed LPM (1-10 LPM continuous or pulsed flows)
  • Daily volume needs (5L or 10L capacities for up to 24-hour use)
  • Back-up power options like an uninterrupted power supply
  • Accessories like oxygen analyzers and outlet concentrators
  • Service contracts, warranties, and established suppliers
  • Mobility needs (portable use or stationary placement)
  • Clinically validated manufacturer and model

Suppliers provide application guidance to tailor the best system for prescribed oxygen levels and lifestyle requirements.

The graph below shows the market size of medical oxygen concentrators that has grown in demand because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of high levels of pollution in the cities, it is forecasted to expand further till 2032.

Medical Oxygen Concentrator Market Size Growth from 2022-2032.

Additional Home Oxygen Considerations

Your healthcare provider and recommended supplier work together to provide all necessary hospital equipment. Different patients have varied needs which may require additional devices along with the concentrator. 

Relevant accessories help optimize home oxygen treatment while searching for the best concentrator:

  • Nasal cannulas, masks for various fit preferences and activities
  • Regulators to control backup tank oxygen delivery precisely
  • Portable units or carts for in-home mobility
  • Spare batteries, filters, and other replacement parts
  • Proper storage of backup dewars or high-pressure cylinders
  • Routine maintenance like cleaning and inspection schedules

Qualified suppliers instruct on accessories, setup, and operational safety measures to ensure that the patient is breathing comfortably. 

Why Choose Lovego Medical for Home Oxygen Needs?

As a global leader in oxygen treatment solutions, Lovego Medical offers home concentrators and complementary accessories from premium brands. 

Their specialists assist with all types of hospital documentation and paperwork, including customer support and maintenance facilities.

  • Insurance verification, prior authorizations, and claims
  • Unit and flow setting configurations based on M.D. prescription
  • Onsite equipment training, support, and troubleshooting
  • Competitive pricing, delivery, and leasing or purchasing options
  • Extended warranties, maintenance programs, and refill plans

By partnering with Lovego Medical, patients receive personalized guidance and reliable long-term home treatment.

In conclusion, your health and breathing can be improved with a concentrator device at home. With integrated advanced technology, it ensures good quality devices that can be delivered without any hassle.

Opting for the best home oxygen concentrator requires input from prescribing physicians and specialized suppliers like Lovego Medical. 

Their consultative approach equips patients with doctor-approved, comfortable oxygen therapy for life at home.