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Richa Madaan

Cleansing Your Energy With the Egg Cleanse Ritual

  Jan 16, 2024
Reviewed by Ayushi Jain

If you’re reading this, the reason could probably be one of these two reasons: nostalgia or bad experiences. Nostalgia might strike you as a long-lost memory of your abuela performing a limpias con huevo ritual on you to banish the evil eyes or the bad luck away. Bad experiences might be a series of little things happening and trickling down to wreck, your day havoc.

An egg carton with small wildflowers

Maybe you spent your childhood running away from your abuela, who made sure to perform this ritual every once in a blue moon. Perhaps this ritual intrigued your curious mind and got you thinking about the reason behind partaking in this ritual. However, the memory of this experience was etched in your brain at a tender age. And now you are revisiting this memory while reminiscing about your childhood.

Or the flip side of this switch could be that you’ve experienced a day full of terrible events. It could be as minor as stubbing your toe next to the wardrobe and as big as getting humiliated by a waiter spilling coffee on your freshly dry-cleaned dress. 

Come what may, there’s always a solution to every problem if we look close enough. And yes, an egg cleanse can be an optimum solution for your energetic revival.

Limpias Con Huevo or Egg Cleanse – Evolution

The egg cleansing ritual, also known as Oomancy, is a term referred to as the divination of eggs. Although the origins of Oomancy date back to the 17th Century, the origins of this practice were extremely sporadic in their geographical orientation. From historians of Greece to ancient druids of Scotland, the stories of this ritual’s tradition have been far-fetched across the borders of Europe.

Egg Cleanse Ritual – How to do it?

An egg cleanse is a ritual that is extremely helpful to eliminate negative spiritual energy. If you feel like you’re surrounded by bad luck lately, might as well give this cleanse a try.

This ritual comes with an elaborative step-by-step process to follow if you want to cleanse your energy using Oomancy. And to know how to do an egg cleanse, read the following pointers:

The egg must be cleansed in a saltwater and lemon juice solution

The first and foremost step ensures that any sort of negative energy latched to the egg already is eliminated. For this concoction, you need to add a spoonful of salt to a glass of water and then add a squeeze of lemon juice. A gentle wash of the egg in the prepared solution while chanting a prayer of your choice is the initial step of the process. After rinsing the egg in clean water, gently pat it dry with a towel.

Even though it’s an optional step, cleansing the egg is recommended by many spiritual leaders.

Fill a glass with room-temperature water

Fill a clear glass up to 1/4th of the container’s capacity with tap water. Before you commence the cleansing ritual, allow the water to sit at room temperature for a while. 

Setting intention with the egg prior to the cleansing

Once your egg is cleansed, take it in your palms and wrap your hands around the egg. Let the egg warm up in your palms. You may either blow or speak your intention (we recommend you to whisper your intentions first and then blow) onto the egg. You can mention any negative energy or toxicity that is bothering you and that you’d like to get rid of with this cleanse. You can say something like this along the lines of,

  • “With this cleanse, I will rid myself of bad energy.”
  • “I will no longer be cursed with bad luck after this cleanse.”

Rub the egg across your head, ears, and face

After setting your intentions for the cleansing ritual, start by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position while holding the egg in one hand. Rub the egg along the expanse of the back of your head, then bring it closer to your ears and your face, gently moving it around. After rubbing the egg along your ears, bring it closer to your closed eyelids and then rub it along the eyelids, taking it closer to the lips as well. 

  • To set the tone of your oomancy ritual, consider shutting the lights off and bringing out a lit candle. 
  • Now that the cleansing ritual has started, devote your focus to releasing any negative energy into the egg. The eggs are likely to extract and absorb all the bad energy from your body.

Move the egg all across your body, running it along yourself

Rub it along your body from head to toe, visualizing that the egg is pulling out all the negative energy from your body. It is advisable to run the egg along in small and clockwise circles to get rid of any bad energy clogging your conscience. In the meantime, feel free to chant a prayer of your choice while performing this ritual. However, it is not necessary, if you feel hard to focus on chanting a prayer, you can simply keep your mind blank, and it will work just fine.

  • While performing an egg cleansing on someone else, you need to carefully run the egg all along their body in small concentric circles. Always remember to start from the head and gently move to the toe, rubbing the egg throughout the body. It is essential for you to keep them calm so that you can focus on releasing the negative energy entrapped in their body and aura. In case the egg breaks at all during the cleaning process, you need to start over the entire process with a new egg.

Crack the egg into the glass of water

After completing the egg cleanse ritual, take the water you used earlier and carefully crack the egg into it while trying to keep the yolk all in one piece. Leave the egg to settle for about 5 to 10 minutes. After that, you can look into the water and interpret your results.

Now your egg cleanse is complete, and you know the egg cleanse meaning as well. It’s time to interpret the results of your cleanse. The results will decipher the amount of bad energy that has been accumulated in your body and aura.

The interpretation of the results of your cleanse is also a tricky feat to master. However, we sincerely hope this guide is of use to you in order to provide accurate information about this ritual.

How to Read the Egg Limpia?

Congratulations on successfully completing the limpias con huevo (egg cleanse) ritual! Now comes the most vital part of the process, which is reading the interpretation of your limpia results. The egg cleanse interpretation can be a pretty confusing step.

Here are some key pointers to guide you through the process of egg cleanse reading.

✍🏻 Note: Now that the ritual is complete and the egg has settled for 5–10 minutes in the glass container, place the glass on a flat surface to be able to see straight into it. 

You have to pay attention to the shape of the yolk, the shape of the egg whites, and the color of the water. Each variation means something different. In order to pull off an accurate interpretation, a set of guidelines has been prepared for you to go through to know how to read an egg cleanse. 

  • Smelly water or the presence of blood signifies the presence of evil spirits around you – The presence of blood or a bad odor coming from the water is an indication that someone has used magic against you. On the contrary, it could also mean that you are suffering from an illness or a disease that hasn’t been discovered yet. 
  • If this happens, you must perform a second egg cleanse ritual to rid yourself of evil spirits completely.
  • After this result, if you’re worried about suffering from an unknown disease or illness, it is advisable to make a routine check-up appointment with your physician.
  • Bubbles in the water mean that the persisting negative energy was successfully absorbed into the egg – Bubbles bubbling up in the water or the egg whites denote the successful completion of your cleansing. Contrarily, it could also mean that you’re stressed due to which you have been experiencing gas or indigestion.
  • If the bubbles appearing are larger or like balloons in water, it indicates that the egg absorbed a hefty amount of negative energy. In such a scenario, you are advised to perform another cleansing ritual to eliminate the remnants of any negative energy left in your body or aura. 
  • If the egg whites form cobwebs, it means that there may be someone’s evil eye placed on you. 
  • These cobwebs can also imply that you’re tangled up in a complicated situation, which may become a reason behind your distress.
  • The presence of tiny brown specks in the water or in the egg yolk is another sign that there is a need to perform a second cleansing ritual to ensure that you’re fully rid of the evil eye.
  • Needles or spikes coming from the egg whites can mean that there is somebody around you with bad intentions toward you.
  • Such people may also be “energetic vampires,” who suck away the positive energy surrounding you, leaving you encapsulated with only bad vibes. Or, it could also mean that they’re just hoping and putting out intentions that you don’t succeed or reach your goals, basically someone who’s rooting for your failure.
  • If a face appears in the yolk, it means that you have an enemy.
  • That enemy might envy you or resent you without a particular reason. If you look closely, you might be able to interpret who is being resembled in the egg, since that can provide you with some insight about who may be causing you distress.
  • Clear water means clean energy, meaning that you have no negative energy surrounding you.
  • When the water and egg come out looking just fine, and normal-looking, then it means that there was no negative energy lurking around you. The cause of your distress may be something else. However, in this case, you’re not required to perform another egg-cleansing ritual. 

If you are still worried about your results, feel free to take action to remove negative energy from your surroundings and foster positive changes. Journaling your emotions is a good option. Or if you want a positive, energetic boost in your surroundings, then you can also burn sage and let its fumes cleanse the aura of your living space.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Your step-by-step procedure and interpretation guide to Oomancy. Even though it is a spiritual practice that is done by Mexican people, it can now be done by anyone. Despite being a spiritual practice followed by generations alike, there’s no harm in making sure your energy is positively rejuvenated. We sincerely hope that this was a helpful tool for your reference. So, whenever you have a couple of spare eggs in your pantry, use this article as a guide to lead you through your own egg-cleansing ritual. With our best regards, we hope and send all the positive vibes your way.


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