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Manali Modi

Infinity Hoop Reviews: Ready to Cinch Down a Few Inches?

  Feb 9, 2024
Reviewed by Vivek Upadhyay

Infinity Hoops

Lately, TikTok and other social media apps have been saturated with ads of neon-colored hula-hoops with weights that are attached to the belly. 

Wait, but does the infinity hoop work? 

Is it healthier than your normal cardio workout for weight loss?

Are there any positive Infinity Hoop reviews from users? 

If you’ve been bombarded with the infinity hula hoop ads too, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to provide you with unbiased Infinity Hoop reviews that you can trust. This article will provide you with all the answers to your questions based on the experience of the users and clinical reports. 

What is an Infinity Hoop?

Infinity Hoop is a weighted fitness hoop used for exercises related to core strengthening and weight loss. The TikTok fame product has been coming in many different names — 

  • Infinity Hoops
  • Weighted Hula Hoops
  • Non-Falling Hula Hoop

The hoop is formed of assembled links that are joined to form a whole ring. This ring has weights attached to it, which justify the name “weighted Hula Hoops” or an Infinity Hoop. 

Does Infinity Hoops Really Work? 

The hula hoop is a popular fitness tool for aerobics and cardio workouts. It is one of the most inexpensive and impactful workouts that a range of age groups have access to. 

As per Karger’s study in 2019, the Infinity Hoop results in improving body structure, eliminating abdominal fat (to a certain extent), and having a positive impact on patients with blood pressure problems. 

Some of the benefits of Infinity hula Hoops are as follows: 

Leans Down Abdominal Fat and Reduces “Bad” Cholesterol

Another study conducted in 2015 found that using weighted hoops, such as the Infinity Hoops, could decrease waist and hip circumference while possibly enhancing trunk muscle mass in individuals dealing with obesity.  

Strengthens Core, Maintains Balance, and Improves Stability

The weighted hoops, when used consistently, strengthen your core muscles. Added weight provides resistance, making your core workout intense. Furthermore, this may also help improve balance and stability, as the rhythmic motion challenges your body to maintain control. 

Aerobic Exercise

This might turn out to be a more enjoyable exercise for healthy living than traditional cardio running. Using infinity hula hoops for half an hour can incinerate about 200–400 calories, while regular hula-hooping can hardly burn up to 210 calories in 30 minutes. 

Now you know, at least, which one is better! 

How to Use Weighted Hoops? 

Infinity Hoopp

Well! Using an Infinity hula hoop is no rocket science; it just needs patience and perseverance. Also, using a weighted hula hoop is relatively simpler than using a traditional hoop. 

As per our research, below are the steps you need to follow to easily start exercising with weighted hoops.  

  1. Begin by adjusting the hoops to your waist. The key is to snuggle hoops exactly to your stomach in a way that leaves no space in between. 
  2. Now, the next step is to adjust the centrifugal ball—the weight that comes with the hoop, at the right distance from you. 
  3. If this is your first time using the hoop, we recommend you keep the ball as far away as possible. This will be easier for you, as the ball will move slower. 
  4. When it comes to how to start the motion, just hold the weight with the string attached and give it a nice throw around your body.
  5. As you throw the ball, make sure it is parallel to the ground and not in an upward or downward direction. 
  6. Now comes the difficult part. Put one of your legs forward, strengthen your core muscles, and rock back and forth from the core. 
  7. In case you feel difficulty moving, add more links, bring it down towards your hips, and do it again. 
  8. It is a trial-and-error method, but once you get the hang of it, you will be good to go. 

Here is a YouTube video by Christine’s Signe P on how to use Infinity Hula Hoops, watch the video if you want a video tutorial:

Infinity Hoop Vs Regular Hoop for Weight Loss

Alt tag: Regular Hoop Vs Infinity Hoop

While both hoops are equally fun, one is easier and more effective than the other. Guess which one? 

Yup! That’s Infinity hula Hoops. 

Regular HoopsInfinity Hoops
Comparatively more difficult to handle and needs a few days of practice.A few hours of practice or a few turns will help you get the hang of it.
Does not have any weights attached to it, hence, the intensity is comparatively lesser than weighted hoops.Has hanging weights to add more resistance for training abdominal muscles and making the workout intense.
It is not as effective as Infinity Hoops, since the calories burned per 30 minutes is less than 150.Have become insanely popular for their effectiveness, unique features, and ease of use.
Good for beginners, focusing on lighter or casual exercise. It helps you get active and improve body coordination.Great for toning muscles, burning more calories, and giving you an intense workout feel.

Undoubtedly, Infinity Hula Hoops is an innovative weight loss solution. Ultimately, the choice between regular hoops and weighted hoops depends on your preferences and the level of intensity you are seeking. 

Infinity Hoop Reviews

A 2015 study shared its results and facts about Infinity Hula Hoops, stating- 

“Using weighted hoops can help reduce belly fat and increase muscle mass in the torso of the body”.

Another study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that these hoops can trim measurements around the waist and hips if used consistently for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. 

However, some consumers bought the product through multiple online platforms and have been dissatisfied with it. 

Some of them are: 

Meshanna from Amazon

Does this product work? I have no clue because it locked me in each time (3) I tried to use and ended in a panic that it would never come off. My complaint on this product is the ease it is NOT to use. Wow to unlock those links one must have good hand grip ( can put someone in a panic when they don’t unlock ), if someone has arthritis they are not getting out without some distress THEN I went to return the product and since I live in an area that scanning isn’t an option unless I drive hours I’m not willing to pay $9 to return.

C Cooper from Aamzon

Love the idea however the part that’s connected to the ball&string as well as the the hoop gets stuck quickly causing you to have to start over&over quite often making it more of a arm workout. 

As many people have only complained more about the difficulty and quality of the product, many physiotherapists and fitness experts particularly focus on Is Infinity Hoop legit and safe. They suggest taking advice from a healthcare professional first, in case you have back pain or hip issues. 

Are There Any Risks With Weighted Hoops?

It works wonders for some, but others say that Infinity Hoops can cause injuries. How much of this is true? 

Does Infinity Hula Hoop work, and is it safe? 

This has been a debatable question amongst its major consumers and target audience. 

According to Lewis Nelson, MD professor and chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Institute of Health – 

In terms of safety, a weight under two pounds on the Infinity Hoop has a very low chance of any internal injury. He also presupposes the fact that, in most cases, injuries occur due to the movements performed during the exercise and are not much related to the weights attached. 

However, when it comes to larger weights, there will surely be difficulty in moving them, and hence a higher chance of injury. In many cases, a tighter attachment to the weighted hoop leads to skin bruising from the friction and weight of the hoop. 

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Qualities to Look for in a Good Infinity Hoop

Infinity Hoop

There are many kinds and types of Hoops with weights available on the market. But not all are what they claim to be! So here are the top three things you need to know before buying an Infinity Hoop:

Weight of Gravity Ball

The gravity ball that is attached to the Hoop varies among different brands. Some have non-adjustable weights, while others help you customize the weight according to your type. 

Some of the brands also allow you to modify the distance between the hoop and the ball by adjusting the cord given. Always try to find the one that has an adjustable cord, as it will help you maintain your difficulty level well. 

Sound Operation

Have you read some of the reviews or YouTubers complaining of the irritating sound coming from the Hoop? 

Well, sound is one of the most common problems with smart weighted hoops. Reputable brands have now started incorporating a quiet-use notification to ensure a smooth, noise-free rotation of the ball and hoop. 

Massage Points

Good quality weighted hoops include massage points on each link to enhance comfort while performing the exercise.  

Hence, you know now what to look for when it comes to weighted hoops! 

Where to Look for an Infinity Hoop?

An original Infinity Hoop can cost you around $100; however, other websites do sell a cheaper one, which might cost you less than $100. Simpler ones can also come around $20, but that may not last as long as the expensive ones. 

While buying one on an online platform, you must consider the material of the hoop, as it tends to break after some time.

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Final Verdict

Infinity Hoop is a yes-buy product from us!

It can be a great addition to your cardio workouts and will work for you consistently. Even experts and studies verify that weighted hoops are a good choice for burning calories. Just take it slow and according to your bodily needs. 

A weighted hoop should not hurt your back, and you should always adjust it as per your comfort. In the event of any pain that may arise while doing the exercise, we advise you to contact a healthcare provider. 

Remember that the key is to have fun and maintain energy at all times.

Infinity Hoop FAQs

Ans: It is usually recommended to use it as per your capabilities and stamina. However, many brands do recommend using it for at least 15–30 minutes a day for effective results.

Ans: There are many factors affecting the calories you will burn with a weighted hoop. On average, a 30-minute session can help you burn approximately anywhere between 200 and 400 calories, depending on your weight, the intensity of the workout, and your consistency.

Ans: Infinity Hoops can be a little loud and disturbing for some, but better qualities that come with a quieter sound are always available.


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