Losing Weight is Within Your Grasp for New Year’s 2024

  Jan 30, 2024
Reviewed by Vivek Upadhyay

Losing Weight

With the New Year coming around many of us want to get a fresh start. 

Losing weight is one of the most common things on many of our New Year resolution lists.

And after the holiday season, which often comes with indulgence, people want to focus on starting the new year strong. 

While big, drastic changes feel like the best solution, often it’s the small changes over time that make a lasting difference in the case of weight loss. 

From learning to set realistic goals to creating a plan to get there, you can achieve weight loss success in the new year. 

Here are some Weight Loss Techniques that will help you get started.

Set Realistic SMART Goals

Like any other thing you want to achieve in life, it starts with setting realistic goals that can be measured. 

So, if you lose 50 pounds or more it’s more than unlikely that you can lose that weight in a month.

But you could potentially lose it in a year. Part of weight loss success comes with creating specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals.

Like long a specific weight, for example losing around 50 pounds, you might be able to achieve this within a year.

So, setting your deadlines to about a year is quite an achievable resolution.

These types of goals set you up for success and can help keep you focused on the long-term benefits of losing those extra and unwanted pounds.

More than 80% of New Year resolutions fail within the first year. In fact about 20% of resolutions are broken within the first week of January alone.

Supplement When Needed

Sometimes there is just not enough nutritional balance in your diet to help achieve the weight loss goals.

It’s why people take multivitamins, protein shakes, and even collagen peptides powder.

These kinds of supplements can improve joint health, support your heart health, and even improve gut health. 

Your gut health is linked to your ability to digest foods, absorb nutrients, and more.

Supplementing with extra protein can also be a great way to reach your protein goals regularly, especially on the go. 

So, when you want to make great food choices but don’t have a lot, these supplements can even help you make up for food that doesn’t have as high a quality of nutrients.

Create a Balanced Diet Plan

There are all sorts of diets out there. Everything from raw veganism to being a carnivore. The best diet is the one you can stick with for life. 

While each of them has unique benefits, most experts agree that eating more whole foods and fewer processed and packaged foods will improve your health and help you lose weight. 

If you want or need a specific plan for your body and food needs, you can consult a nutritionist. 

Still, basically, you need a variety of proteins, fruits, vegetables, some healthy fats, and whole grains for optimal health. 

Eat foods you enjoy from the list, try new things, and balance your diet with plenty of nourishing foods at each meal.

Get Your Movement In

While some people love being at the gym, others can’t stand it. The best exercise is the one you stick to, so find something you love. 

Maybe you need gentle movements like Pilates or Yoga, or you’d prefer to take long hikes up the side of a mountain. 

Whatever you choose, getting enough movement and exercise throughout the week is going to help reach your new year’s weight loss goals and optimize your overall health. 

Plus, this movement can even help improve your overall brain and bone health and also help increase longevity.

Besides, building muscle will help you burn fat more efficiently.

weight loss resolutions

The commitment to lose weight is the number one New Year’s resolution in America. More than 20% of weight loss resolutions are broken within the first two weeks.

Go to Bed at Night

You may think that there is just not enough sleep, but there are plenty of ways to improve your sleep quality, even if you work at night.

Go to bed at night at the same time. This consistency can help your body prepare for sleep more easily. 

Turn off technology and screens an hour before going to sleep. 

Take a warm shower or bath at night. The histamine from the warmth can help you feel sleepier. 

It is also possible to remove things with ambient light from your bedroom and make it as dark as possible in your sleeping space. 

Use an eye mask that blocks light if needed to keep the light out of your eyes. 

When it’s dark, your body naturally makes melatonin, which is needed for sleep.

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