Richa Madaan

Richa Madaan

Navigating the Challenges of Men’s Mental Health: Strategies for Well-being

  Jan 16, 2024
Reviewed by Ayushi Jain

Mental health issues occur in both men and women due to different emotional and social factors around them. If you are a man and facing mental difficulties, you could search for rolfing massage near me, and other alternative treatments for improvements. 

The rise in awareness of mental health has increased in the past few years.  Even in this mental health-conscious era, men’s mental health is often overlooked. 

A study shows that men suicide two times more than women due to mental health issues. The reasons for mental health issues in men and women are different. 

In this article, we will dive into the mental challenges men encounter and their solutions.

Mental Health Challenges of Men

In today’s unhealthy lifestyle and hectic schedule, men face different mental health challenges. 

Some challenges come from social conditioning, overthinking, and identity crises.

The following are some of the main mental health challenges men face: 

The Mask of Masculinity:

 The mask of masculinity here means a defined process and way according to which a man should behave. The emotional vulnerability of men is often overshadowed in front of this masculinity mask. 

Men lose the freedom to express their emotions due to social norms defined for an ideal male, which leads to mental health issues. Because of long-term emotional baggage, men often face heart attacks and suicidal tendencies. 

Career Struggles and Identity Crisis: 

Men face various difficulties in the professional world, including bad working conditions, low salaries, fear of losing jobs, etc. Men often have heavy loans and family responsibilities, which leads to anxiety and depression.

The one who is not happy with his job or profession and can’t switch to the desired career due to lack of money faces self-doubt, low confidence, and anxiety.

Health issues:

Another major challenge with men’s mental health is an unhealthy lifestyle. Due to different personal and professional responsibilities, men often overlook their physical health. 

Physically unhealthy men have more chances of mental health crises like anxiety, depression, etc. Apart from this, some mental health problems become a hurdle in performing conventional male roles, which makes them socially vulnerable.


Interesting Facts
Mental health issues have increased in men over the years. In the above graph, we can see the increase in mental illness among men. 13.6% of men were suffering from mental illness in 2008. 
Fast-forward to 2021 around 18.1% of men were suffering from mental health problems.  After seeing the constant increase in this type of data over the years, people are now becoming aware of mental health.

Strategies To Cope-Up Men’s Mental Health Challenges

Sadly, suicide is among the reasons that cause most men’s deaths in the world, including heart attack and skin cancer. 

It is the need of the hour that we focus on men’s mental health so that they can be more vocal about their emotions and mental condition, following are some of the solutions that can help men in dealing with mental health issues. 

Seek Help:

  Men often feel conscious in sharing their feelings and thoughts with others.  70% of men do not even seek a single solution during their depression phase.

Every man should understand they are not alone in facing these issues, other people also suffer from constant mental health problems. Men need to open up about their feelings to their friends, family, or partners. 

If someone feels uncomfortable with known persons, they can also visit a professional psychiatrist.

Do what you enjoy:

If you are constantly working for a long period, it’s time to take a break and do what gives you happiness. In short breaks between your working hours, you can go for a walk. 

Start talking to your old friends on video calls and group calls,  it will cherish your memories and you will feel happy. If you are inactive during your working day, it increases your chances of depression by up to 60% compared to men who are constantly active. 

A study shows that a 10 to 20-minute long walk can drastically improve your mental well-being. 

Take care of your Health:

Physical health and mental health both are interdependent. If you are suffering from mental issues, it can cause stomach aches, headaches, and other problems. 

Similarly, if you are not physically healthy, you will feel mentally unwell. It is recommended to always have breakfast and go on a walk after lunch. Regularly having breakfast on time will automatically make you feel more emotionally well. 

Men should exercise 20 to 30 minutes at least 5 times a week to maintain a healthy body. 

Final Thoughts:

Speaking about mental health to friends and family is often not easy for most men. In this condition, it is recommended to consult a qualified therapist who can help you in dealing with the situation. 

Therapists are professional in solving mental health issues, but for long-term mental well-being, you have to improve yourself. You should start by sharing small things with your partner or family members. 

Overall, various social and emotional angles are involved in shaping one’s mental health. In this article, we discussed the challenges men face with mental health and their solutions. 

If you find it helpful, share it with your friends and colleagues who are facing stress, anxiety, or depression.