10 Tips for Finding the Right Orthodontist

  Jan 17, 2024
Reviewed by Geeta Singh

Right Orthodontist

A great smile can be a great thing to have. But what would to do when it’s your smile that’s in harm’s way? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Maybe it’s time you paid a visit to your local orthodontist.

So, how do you find the right orthodontist for you? Choosing the right one can be a pretty big deal. These treatments can be pretty lengthy, so you want someone who knows what they’re doing and is pleasant to work with. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind while you find an orthodontist who can be trusted.

Start with Referrals and Recommendations

Your best bet would be to start with personal recommendations. Many people usually turn to their family and friends when looking for an orthodontist in town.

Ask them if their experience was good or bad. Were they satisfied with their treatment, and if so, were they faced with any challenges or not?

Research Online Reviews and Testimonials

And, if you have hit a dead end, you can always turn to the almighty Google to find some options that are nearby. But be sure to check for reviews and ratings to see if the orthodontist you choose to visit can be trusted or not.

With a quick search with the right kinds of words, like best Glastonbury orthodontist near me, you can find many options Plus, if you’re only looking at reviews when choosing, take it with a grain of salt, as most reviews can be very easily manufactured.

Check Qualifications and Credentials

Check to see if the orthodontist is qualified or not. So, before beginning the treatment, make sure that you choose a professional with the right amount of training and education.

You can usually find the orthodontist’s qualifications on the practice’s website. And, ideally speaking, you’d probably want a professional that has graduated from an accredited institution and has a good amount of experience under their belt.

The word “orthodontics” comes from Greek, where “orthos” means “correct” or “straighten” and “odous” means “tooth”

Consider the Orthodontist’s Experience

Experience is a pretty important factor, especially for something as important as your oral health. An orthodontist with years of experience under their belt is likely to be more reliable since they have worked with a ton of patients.

It’s always a good sign if the practice has been in the running for a long time. Plus, an experienced orthodontist will likely have a proven track record of successful outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Evaluate the Technology and Treatment Options

The best orthos will stay updated with the latest tech and equipment in the industry. Modern technology like 3D imaging, intraoral scanners, and AI-assisted treatment planning can lead to better diagnoses and treatment results.

Visit the Orthodontic Office

Hey, it’s not all about experience and the latest tech. An in-person visit can tell you a lot about the environment and quality of care of the practice. Pay attention to how the staff interacts with the patients and if the office seems well organized or not

This way, you can decide if you feel comfortable receiving treatments there.

Assess Communication and Patient Care

Good communication is key in any healthcare setting, and this is especially true in the dental care industry. Observe how the dentist behaves during the first visit. 

Are they listening to your concerns? Do they explain treatment options in a way that is easy to understand?

A good orthodontist is approachable and skilled at giving clear and understandable explanations.  They should also show genuine interest in achieving the best outcome for your specific situation.

Location and Accessibility

Also, think about the location and accessibility of our ortho as your treatments might require you to make multiple visits. Choosing a clinic near your home or workplace can make the treatment process more convenient and less stressful.

Orthodontics Market Statistics

The global orthodontics market size is said to grow from $4.06 Billion in 2018 to $9.72 Billion in 2026.

Insurance and Payment Options

Orthodontic treatments can be pretty expensive. So, it comes as no surprise that you need to discuss all the treatment costs upfront. Also, ask them about the payment options they have available. 

Do they accept insurance? Are there any flexible payment plans available? All of this can ease your financial burden greatly.

Trust Your Instincts

Finally, have some trust in yourself. 

After thinking about all these factors, from qualifications and experience to communication style and office environment, your heart will never be wrong.

Only choose the orthodontist that feels just right for you.


Choosing the best orthodontist needs a lot of thought. Invest your time in research to find the best option for you.

By simply following these steps, you can easily find the right orthodontist that you feel comfortable with.