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Richa Madaan

A Guide on Snake Eye Tongue Piercing: Price, Pros & Cons, Healing, Risks and More

  Mar 21, 2023

Albeit a symbol of elitism and royalty in many cultures since immemorial, piercings have faded into the background. The vast range of piercings is now deemed a bold statement. The specific kind of piercing that is a matter of discussion for the day is the snake eye piercing. The type convenes a subset of categories within. It is pertinent to do thorough research about this, or in general, any body modification that you may be considering.

Getting well-versed in the aftercare procedure of your new snake bite piercing and searching for a reliable body modification artist are some utmost vital steps to be taken care of before getting the piercing. Despite being helpful, so much information can also overwhelm you with information overload. Following this, the idea behind this article is to portray an exclusive one-stop guide brimming with information to answer all the questions that may arise in your mind.

What is Snake Eyes Piercing After All? 

The answer to this question has many answers to it. Why so? Because a snake eye piercing falls under the category of snake bite piercings. There are many types of snake bite piercings. The term snake bite piercing invites the imagery of dual lip piercing. However, it’s much more than that. The snake bite tongue piercing and snake eye piercing have witnessed steady growth ever since the initiation. 

The ideation behind calling this category a “snake bite” piercing is due to the striking resemblance it depicts to that of a snake bite. In order to further explain what these kinds of piercings distinguish, here’s what each of them means:

When two studs or rings are pierced in each corner of the mouth, resembling the bite of a snake, it is termed as a snake bite lip piercing.

Labret studs on each corner of the lips

When two studs emerge from each corner of the tongue, similar to having snake eyes, it is known as a snake eye tongue piercing. This piercing is also renowned as the snake eyes piercing, as the resemblance is uncanny.

Two studs appearing on both corners of the tongue, resembling snake eyes

When two piercings are stacked snuggly next to each other, they are known to be the snake bite ear-piercing.

ear piercing

What to Know Before Getting a Snake Eyes Piercing? 

If you are thinking about getting any type of snake bite piercing, here are some points that you might want to consider before getting one.

  • Pain Threshold – The pain may not be as adverse as you might be imagining it – especially if you’re considering a lower lip piercing.
  • Correct Terminology – The proper usage of correct terminology can make or break your piercing experience – make sure to research the names of piercings you’re interested in before visiting the piercing parlor. It will further help in avoiding misunderstandings.
  • Consider the Dental Risks – As cool as it may look, if done incorrectly, a snake bite piercing can lead to dental problems. Following this, you must work with a professional body modification artist who knows how to successfully “nest” the piercing, tucking it into the lip so that it doesn’t rub off against the teeth constantly. 
  • Aftercare Approach is Different from the Usual – It is extremely important to know that taking care of a snake bite piercing is going to be a completely different experience than the usual piercings. The piercing has to be handled carefully inside and out. On the outer surface, a saline solution would work best to keep the piercing and skin around clean and healing properly. However, the inside of the mouth needs to be rinsed with warm water constantly.

It is also essential to note that after anything except air and water goes into the mouth, rinse your mouth with water to maintain the hygiene of the piercing.  

Interested in Getting a Snake Bite Piercing? Here’s A List of its Different Types: 

As you might have already gone through the gist of what all those types mean. For your convenience, here is an in-depth overview of all of them.

  • Snake Bite Lip Piercing
    Snake Bite Lip Piercing

As you may recognize, this one with the labret piercings on each side of the mouth depicts a snake bite; this piercing is also slightly different from its counterpart, snake eyes piercing. How is it different? Please go through the list of expected questions and find them for yourself.

  • Snake Ear piercing 
    Snake Ear piercing

It is one of the most attractive ear piercings that are in trend at present. The pain threshold differs with the placement of this piercing. Theoretically, there are two main types of snake bite piercings, namely, labret studs and ring piercings. However, be as creative as your body modification artist allows. 

How to Determine the Suitable Snake Bite For You? 

If you’re reading this, now you probably have the basic hold over the knowledge of the snake bite piercing category. Determining your pain threshold, in tandem with how painful each type of snake bite piercing is, might be the utmost pivotal step to coming to an informed decision.

How is a Snake Eyes Piercing Done? 

It’s a simple procedure that entails following a few steps diligently.

  • The piercing artist analyzes the area for the desired piercing to make sure that the piercing can be accommodated.
  • After that, you will be required to sign a consent form and pick out the jewelry of your choice.
  • (In case of a mouth piercing) A dose of an antiseptic mouthwash is used to curb the bacteria in your mouth, alongside an antiseptic wipe to clean your outer lip.
  • This is the important part, as the piercing artist will mark the entry points according to your desired results. 
  • Following suit, they insert a hollow needle through your lip and string the barbell or ring through, piercing the area.
  • With one more dose of mouthwash or cleaning wipe later, you’re bodily modified.


Now, let’s talk about the types of jewelry that can be used in snake bite piercings. Whenever it’s a matter of piercings, the material of the jewelry is always key. Especially with mouth piercings where the jewelry is bound to come in contact with your oral fissure, it beholds even more significance.

Choose jewelry made from

  • Surgical steel
  • Titanium
  • Niobium
  • 14-karat or higher gold.
What Factors To Consider When Looking For a Reliable Body Modification Artist Near You?
Here’s a pro tip for you!Please go check out It is an initiative orchestrated by the Association of Professional Piercers.If you still want to research further, it is advisable to search for reviews of the piercing parlor before you visit. Read the reviews about them until you’re satisfied and feel secure enough to visit them and get your piercing done.

A Quick Guide to Dos and Don’ts for Snake Eyes Piercing 

The healing DO’s:

  • Maintain utmost hygiene while handling your piercing
  • Make it a habit to rinse your mouth with a saline solution throughout the day.
  • Always wipe the outside of your piercings with saline solution as well, don’t neglect the outer part of the piercing
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, and keep it away from the rest of the toothbrushes
  • Only use mild soap while gently washing the pierced area 
  • Please avoid crunchy, hard textured, hot, or spicy food for the time being and be careful when you eat 
  • Avoid getting swelling by sleeping with your head elevated and letting ice chips dissolve in your mouth

The healing DON’Ts:

  • Touch or fiddle with your piercing with unsanitized hands
  • Fiddle or play with your jewelry
  • Talk excessively when the piercing’s new (It may damage tissue and cause scarring.)
  • Chew on gum or consumables that are easily susceptible to bacteria
  • Engaging in any forms of sexual contact even with a long-term partner
  • Share utensils amongst others
  • Use alcohol, including mouthwashes or saline solutions that contain alcohol
  • Smoke 
  • Submerge your piercing in open water areas such as pools, etc.
  • Take your piercing out before it’s fully healed

Side Effects of Getting a Snake Eye Piercing

Most importantly, one must note that there are some cons of getting any type of snake bite piercing that one should be aware of. Some of them are given below:

  • Infection – Bacteria can easily be transmuted with activities like eating, drinking, and indulging in oral intimacy. If poor-quality or unsanitized equipment is used, it’s possible to contract a bloodborne infection, such as tetanus or HIV.
  • Swelling – During the initial few days, swelling is normal. To soothe the swelling, applying ice and sleeping with your head elevated can come across as helpful remedies.
  • Tooth or gum damage – With any sort of movement of your mouth, the jewelry rubs against the surface of your gums and teeth. Inadvertently irritating your gums and damaging your tooth enamel.
  • Trauma or tearing – Lip jewelry is highly susceptible to damage due to mundane everyday tasks like changing your clothes, styling long hair, or kissing your partner.
  • Nerve disruption – Even though the risk of a nerve disruption is extremely low, however, in one study, the source linked facial piercings to nerve disruption resulting in chronic back pain and eye misalignment for four of the study subjects.

What To Do if Your Snake Eye Piercing Gets Infected? 

Prior to healing the infection, one needs to determine the symptoms of what an infected tongue piercing may experience.

Symptoms like the aforementioned are some of the signs you must look out for. 

  • Uncomfortable swelling
  • Persistent warmth
  • Severe pain
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Pus or yellow discharge
  • Inexplicable bumps at the front side or the back side of the piercing
  • Fever

Now that you’re acquainted with some of the symptoms of an infected snake eyes tongue piercing, here’s what you can do to gradually heal the infection.

  • Don’t play with the jewelry or attempt to remove it – moving the jewelry around can cause friction around the infected, irritating the skin even further.
  • Make it a habit to clean the area at least three times per day – the more the area is cleaned with alcohol-free saline solution, the easier it becomes for the skin around the infected area to heal gradually. Ice can also be applied to soothe the inflammation.
  • Avoid antibiotics or creams – even though antibiotics are used for infections when applied on piercings, they cause more harm than good. Creams and antibiotic ointments have the tendency to trap the bacteria near the piercing and further inflate the infection. This is why it is advisable to avoid them until the infection is completely healed.
  • Rinse and repeat – Ensuring the hygiene of the mouth is maintained is extremely important, as a habitual process of rinsing the mouth with alcohol-free mouthwash will aid in keeping the bacteria at bay.

What Does a Right Snake Eyes Piercing Mean Sexually? 

People with newly done piercings are advised to avoid indulging in sexual contact in the meantime the piercing is healing. It is definitely worth the wait as your new piercing is going to alleviate your intimacy levels by skyrocketing the number of sensations caused to your partner. The piercing adds new levels of sensual experiences (once healed). So wait it out, it’s going to be worth the wait.

So, we hope this guide was helpful to ease your worries about snake eye piercing. It is an irrevocable procedure. Getting well-versed in the possibilities of every situation is steering yourself in the right direction. Happy piercing to you!



Ans: Sadly, it is not the least painful piercing, so it is going to hurt a bit. Although everybody’s pain threshold is different, it is going to be a different experience for each individual. The good news is that it is predicted to hurt less than nipple piercing or genital piercing, so it’s not one of the most painful piercings either.

Ans: A simple and concise answer to this question would be at least two months or more. You have to be careful regardless of this time limit, as each experience is different, and each body heals at its own pace.

Ans: As this piercing is done on the lower lip region of the mouth, it hurts comparatively less than other lip piercings.

Ans: It takes approximately two to four months to heal completely.

Ans: Like any other piercing on any other part of the body, it leaves permanent marks even after the jewelry is removed.

Ans: This piercing has the tendency to damage the enamel cavity including gums and teeth, if not properly treated through the healing process.

Ans: It is advisable to only eat soft foods during the healing process of the piercing.

Ans: It may range from $60 to $120 depending on the artist to artist and region to region.

Ans: When this piercing is done, it often leads to binding two or more muscles together, hindering their independent processes of work. Inadvertently, leading to a possible lisp during speaking, swallowing food, etc.

Ans: Symptoms of piercing rejection may appear reddish and with flaky skin around the area of the piercing,, along with enlarged holes. To treat this, you are advised to visit your piercing artist and request the immediate removal of the jewelry before trying it on afterward the piercing heals.

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