Hyperbolic Stretching Review Includes Stretching Programs, Working, Benefits, Limitations, And More

  Mar 20, 2024
Reviewed by Vivek Upadhyay

If you are searching for an effective and efficient online fitness program, then congratulations, you landed at the right site. Through this article, I will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Hyperbolic Stretching program that can be accessed from anywhere anytime, provided you have a stable internet connection.

Start reading this write-up and know its constituents, features, a different set of programs, benefits, cost, and much more. 

What Is Hyperbolic Stretching?

hyperbolic stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching is an online designed training plan of 4 weeks to hone flexibility as well as strengthen the muscles. If you are wondering if it is just another online fitness program and the same results can be achieved with the help of static stretching exercises then you are assuming wrong completely.

Hyperbolic stretching works following a unique strategy that dynamic techniques of stretching don’t follow. It comprises certain features that provide immense benefits within the minimum time. Hence, the program is considered the most unique than other forms of fitness programs available in the market.

What Are the Significant Features?

The significant features of Hyperbolic stretching are explained below in detail: 

Perfect For Beginners

The HypStretch is perfect to be used by beginners as a newbie can easily find several beginner-friendly exercises. Although to perform the split exercises, one has to work extremely hard with utmost dedication, its developer, Alex, has framed the program in such a way that an amateur can’t perform a full split in the first trial itself. The user first has to develop his body accordingly, which obviously takes time.

Besides, you have to understand the definition of “beginner” from the perspective of this program’s developer, Alex. According to his ideology, a beginner is not anyone who is completely raw in terms of fitness. To clarify, according to Alex’s definition, a beginner is a newbie who knows nothing about stretching and is about to start this learning but to start the training process; he/she should have a mediocre level of fitness.

Note: You should hire a personal therapist while you are starting your fitness exercises. The reason is that anytime you undergo any type of chronic injury, you can consult such professionals to customize your training plan.

Minimal Time

The Hyperbolic Stretching provides six different sets of programs for every body part, out of which two include splits. The time duration for every program is eight minutes which has to be performed three times a week. Furthermore, you can always perform a different set of programs at once if you think you can do so.

This is the program that needs minimal time of yours as you only have to spare eight minutes a day and perform any of the chosen activities till the duration of the program ends, ie, four weeks. If you follow this routine regularly, you can achieve your set targets in the stipulated time easily. It works for those also who remain stuck with their busy schedules and can’t spare time for their health and fitness.

Download Videos

It won’t be wrong to say that most of you find it extremely useful when you can download videos from any streaming platform as it gives you the flexibility to watch your favorite content later on, according to your free time. Similarly, you will be at ease with the fitness program because you have the access to download any of your favorite routines and videos.

If you are going somewhere where you can’t access the internet or if you want to watch later on after a hectic schedule, then you can always download your routine videos. It also ensures that you complete your regular 8-minute stretching exercises from any remote area at any time. Additionally, you can access the downloaded videos in the gym also to seek extra motivation.

No need for Much Equipment

You won’t believe it, but, indeed, you can easily perform most of the Hyperbolic Stretching exercises without using any equipment at all. All you need is just a yoga mat to protect yourself from getting injured if you fall while performing stretching exercises. To perform some specific exercises, you may also need a chair to get support.

To refer, you can also watch the developer, Alex, who performs exercises in the video demonstrations. You can check whether you require any equipment to perform exercises or not.

What Does the Program Include?

What Does the Program Include

If you buy the program, you will receive the following essentials in the course:

The program is designed in such a way that any tech-savvy person can also get an easy way to start with. This straightforward program includes

  • Weekly workouts and other prioritized things.  
  • Demonstrations through videos and guidelines through cues for every type of stretch and exercise.
  • To start any stretch or exercise, instructions are given in full detail.
  • Additional programs to level up the flexibility session include four big stretches, pike mastery, front split, side split, and the upper body stretching routine.

Different Set Of Programs In Hyperbolic Stretching 

Different Set Of Programs In hyperbolic stretching

When you will be able to access Hyperbolic stretching, you will see different sets of programs available, and all of them are briefly explained below:

The Front Split

It is perfect for those who want to improve their hamstring flexibility. It also reduces back pain and loosens tight muscles.

The Side Split

Tight hip flexors restrict you from freely performing squats and deadlifts. To overcome your hip flexors and increase strength, you can practice this split-side program that will ensure an improved range of motion in your hips.

The Front Bend

To bend forward effortlessly, you can practice the Front Bend routine regularly. By performing this exercise consistently, you will become so flexible that you can easily tie your shoe’s lace and lift light and heavy objects from the ground.

The Upper Body

This program focuses on the reduction of stiffness in the neck, upper back, and shoulders. It includes some light dynamic stretches which should be performed either before or after any workout session. It also improves the range of movements in the neck, arms, and shoulders and thereby resulting in improved blood flow.

The Back Bend

As the name says, the backbend stretches help remove pain in the back, spine, and spinal muscles and thus provide flexibility to the front body to increase endurance in sports. It helps maintain a good body posture and hence ensures that about 85% of muscles are strengthened in the body. 

How Does Hyperbolic Stretching Work?

As I have mentioned earlier in this article that HypStretch is an online platform to improve flexibility, therefore anybody can join from any area provided that he/she has a compatible device attached to a decent web connection.

Coming to the process, after you join this plan, you will become its immediate digital member and thus you will be directed to a member’s section. Let’s see its working process through the pointers explained below:

  • In this area, you watch multiple videos regarding complete instruction details for exercises, training routines, exercise explanations, and much more.
  • If you feel like watching the videos later on due to some other immediate work, you can also download the videos anytime you feel like doing so.
  • The working of this program is a little different because it follows a specific type of strategic training method.
  • Additionally, it uses some set of combos so that it can focus on muscle survival reflexes. It’s one of the unique traits that fascinates most consumers to buy it.

The reason is that results can be immediately observed in the first trial itself. You feel more flexibility within muscles which in turn gives you an improved posture, strength, and relief.

What Are the Benefits?

If you think that the strategic training method of Hyperbolic stretching can help you in muscle survival reflex only, your assumption is completely wrong. There is a lot to expect from this program, and it surely benefits you in the long run.

Once you will reap the benefits of this stretching program, you will realize that you got much more than just improved flexibility. Let’s shed a light on every significant benefit one by one:

Increases Range of Motions

It simply involves the movement of your joints in multiple directions. To increase the range of motion, you have to improve the movement of your joints without feeling any discomfort. You can’t deny the fact that more than half of the population finds it difficult to move joints freely. To provide them with a one-stop solution, Hyperbolic stretching comes to their aid.

Those who suffer can utilize this program to improve their range of motion. You don’t have to start with the complex stretch on the first day itself. Instead, start with the basic stretch and increase the complexity of the exercise gradually, and you will be able to see positive results at the end.

Better Blood Flow

When you regularly practice Hyperbolic Stretches, you will learn about the PNF stretching exercises that are included in the learning program itself. These types of exercises improve blood flow which in turn maintains a good level of blood circulation in the body. To state in simple words, the blood vessels provide more oxygen to the muscles as they operate more efficiently than before. You don’t feel sore out after any kind of workout. Since your immunity is increased, you recover quickly after the workout.

Prevents Back Pain

Working all day in the corporate place on your office desk for continuous 8-9 hours may result in muscle tightness which may give you intense back pain.

You feel difficult to move your limbs fully and the utmost affected is your back which experiences the highest strain most of the time. If you perform Hyperbolic Stretching exercises continuously, you will be able to strengthen your back muscles to resist the strain.

Furthermore, if you are suffering from any injuries, you will be also healed by practicing hyperbolic stretching exercises in the right manner.

Relieves Stress

With the advancement of life through the advent of technology, you may feel more stressed the whole day. At times it becomes so tense that it reflects through your body’s weak and tight muscles. Hence, mental stress directly impacts human physical health. Fortunately, you can be relieved from your stress easily.

You should be thankful to the Hyperbolic Stretching program that provides you with wonderful plans of exercises that efficiently focus on the shoulder, neck, and many other major muscles where you feel the stress. After practicing regularly you will observe the miracle and find that stress has gone away.

What Are the Benefits

What Are the Limitations?

Unfortunately, Hyperbolic Stretching is not free from certain limitations. Read the following two points that reflect its significant drawbacks: 

Availability on Web Only

At the present time, Hyperbolic Stretching is accessible through its official website only, however, the process may change in the future. Besides, all video demonstrations are available online on the web, and users by no means can get these videos on DVD.

There is a possibility of accessing videos through DVDs in the future, however, if someone is thinking that getting the content through DVD is possible currently, then it’s not possible in any way.

Doesn’t Track Out the Progress Performance

You won’t find any feature that can help you track the workout progress of your regular exercise routines. You can record your measurements manually only before you start any of your exercise routines. 

After you are done at the end of the fourth week, compare the results finally to see how much you have improved. This may sound a bit lengthy and inefficient, but that’s the only way you can track the progress.

What Are the Demerits

For Whom Does It Suit the Best?

For Whom It Suits the Best

This program is perfectly suited for those who are quite active in their life, indulged in some sort of specific physical activity for a long time, and are accustomed to doing several dynamic stretching techniques because of the regular exercise routine they have.

Furthermore, the program also targets that particular audience who is already practicing some type of physical activity. Some prominent professions for whom the fitness program is perfect are:

  • Dancers
  • Athletes
  • Yoga Practitioners
  • Runners
  • Weight lifters
  • Gym trainers

Who Might Not Be a Good Fit?

Who Might Not Be a Good Fit

Though it is claimed by the developer that his fitness program is meant for every individual, it’s not true. The fact is that not everyone can use this fitness program as it’s a non-ideal option for these individuals. The individuals who come into this category are those who are

  • feeling extreme discomfort while doing stretching exercises,
  • suffering from chronic pain, and 
  • healing from any muscle injury.

How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does It Cost

You can easily buy the Hyperbolic stretching program through its website only as there is no other means to purchase it. The best part about the program is that it can be availed with a one-time payment of $27. As you complete the payment, you can access its members’ area anytime.

The developer of this program, Alex, wants to benefit every individual from this wonderful program and hence, he decided to sell the program at such an economical price.

Furthermore, you will be surprised to know that if you are not satisfied with the performance of this program, then you can claim your money again after 60 days of the purchase.

Hence, you should never think that your precious money will be wasted and you can’t get it back ever because you can always ask for your refund if you don’t find the results satisfactory. After you have processed the request for a refund, you can receive your whole money back within 48-72 hours.

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts

I will suggest that if any of you are looking for a digital fitness program that gives the best results in a minimal time, then Hyperbolic Stretching should be considered at the top of all available programs and apps.

As you will practice its routine exercises, you will realize that Alex designed this platform by amalgamating a perfect blend of the Japanese form of training and principles of modern science. If you stick to the regular routine whatever is prescribed in the program, you will observe excellent results in your improved flexibility, body posture, relief, and muscular strength.

I know one of my relatives who was suffering from immense back pain for quite a long time. She didn’t want to rely on regular pills and hence was looking for some physical routine programs to hone her flexibility and remain active.

I suggested her Hyperbolic Stretching program, and after using it consistently for four weeks, she got rid of her back pain completely. She still practices various exercises prescribed by the program to become efficient in the flat and front split.

Several customer reviews also proclaim that Hyperbolic stretching indeed helps in improving flexibility within the four-week training program. Though, the user has to remain consistent with the practice so that the results can be achieved in the targeted period.

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