Jeremy Ohara

Jeremy Ohara

How to Pick a Primary Care Doctor?

  Jan 17, 2024
Reviewed by Ravinder Kaur

Primary Care Doctor


Your primary care physician ought to be your go-to source for medical problems. They are there to assist you in making some of the most significant decisions you will ever have regarding your health and well-being by advising, educating, checking, diagnosing, and treating you. 

It’s relevant to find a doctor you can rely on—someone you can communicate with honestly and openly about your health. However, how can you identify such a significant companion when browsing a massive list of names in directories and on websites?

To choose the finest health counselor, you must first establish your priorities for a doctor-patient relationship. Naturally, there are also practical considerations like location and cost-effectiveness of the clinic. 

A lot also depends on the conversation or in-person encounter you have with the physician of your choice. Here are some things to consider while looking for the best primary care doctor.

Who are the Primary Care Physicians in Your Network

Start by learning which plan covers local primary care doctors if you have health insurance and want to choose an in-network provider to save your costs. Your insurance plan might allow you to work with an out-of-network general fitness practitioner, but the cost will be higher.

If you don’t have health insurance and plan to pay for visits out of pocket, ask your prospective physician about the cost of the office visit including the registration fee. Planning for future visits may be easier if you know the costs before you require care. 

When you’re looking for medical or mental health therapy such as primary care physicians in San Antonio, cost has been demonstrated to be a significant barrier to healthcare access. 

Besides logistics, convenience to travel, and varied facilities, a good primary care doctor’s clinic should also have telemedicine visits and in-house procedures to help you in a better way.

How Easy is It to Reach This Primary Care Physician

How far is the doctor’s office from your house, workplace, or study? How much time would it take you to travel if you used public transportation?

There are many physician providers in some communities, whereas there are few in others. Maybe the doctor in your locality is not a specialist in a specific medical condition that does not fulfill your current requirement. 

According to research, “safety net” institutions, including community clinics, public clinics, and hospital emergency rooms, are more prevalent in lower-income regions than general physician offices. Access to common health providers may be difficult in places with underdeveloped public transit infrastructure.

Is The Staff Polite and Knowledgeable

You’ll frequently interact with the office workers. Many of your interactions with your general physician will be handled by these unsung heroes of the medical sector, including appointment scheduling and rescheduling, addressing billing issues, and obtaining refills. 

When you interact with the staff, are they courteous and patient with you? Do they respect your other boundaries, such as your right to privacy and the use of your preferred name and pronouns? Do they support your ability to communicate with the doctors?

These uncomfortable questions are of utmost importance as every patient wants to understand their condition with complete trust in the physician. The interpersonal communication skills of the clinic staff make a lot of difference in your healing. 

During and after the COVID pandemic, the demand for primary care physicians has constantly increased as shown in the graph below. 

The U.S. Primary Care Physician’s Market from 2020-2030

Research and Read Online Reviews

Concerns about all your general health conditions should be a priority even for subtle symptoms. You should always research in detail about the nearest physician’s clinic before booking an appointment. 

Talk about your health with your family members and friends, and read online reviews about the doctors in and around your locality. 

A good physician’s office takes care of everything regarding the patient including making them comfortable by prescribing appropriate medication to minimize the wait time around the clinic. 

There should be telemedicine arrangements for situations when the patient is too unwell to visit the doctor’s office.

An expert primary care doctor will diagnose your condition precisely and if required will always suggest the right tests and physical examinations. The medical facility should also have wheelchair access as well as a well-equipped ambulance for emergency purposes. 


Many people who use health services will have to decide to find a general physician at some time in their lives. This doctor will likely be your long-term caregiver and trusted fitness counselor. Take things slowly, and consult with multiple physicians if you think it’s necessary. Find a physician you can rely on such as primary care physicians in San Antonio, who will act as a compassionate champion for your and your family’s health.