Is Dasani Water Bad for You? Indepth Analysis with It’s Pros & Cons

  Jan 29, 2024

Overhyped bottled water or water filled with minerals? Is Dasani water bad for you? 

In recent times, Dasani Water has marked its presence on store shelves and in the online market. Questions are echoing through discussions on whether Dasani Water is bad for you or if it is just the hype. 

Dasani Water: An Overview

Dasani, a popular bottled water under the ownership of the Coca-Cola brand, has been gaining immense criticism and praise over the years. Dasani has claimed to be a healthier alternative by adding extra ingredients to it and standing apart from your regular water bottles.  

Drinking more water helps with keeping your liver healthy, and brands like Dasani make the process easier with their bottled water. However, there are a lot of doubts about how beneficial Dasani is for you. 

In this comprehensive research-based article, we dive deep into the core components of Dasani water, what experts have to say, and how consumers like it. 

This popular bottled beverage, with the label Coca-Cola behind it, is made up of three main ingredients. A single bottle of Dasani contains magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt. However, in how much quantity? It stays unknown just by looking at the nutritional value of the bottle. 

Dasani Water Ingredients

Understanding the chemical composition, Dasani does claim to not have any form of sugar, sodium, carbs, or proteins in its single can. However, it impressively also claims to have the above-mentioned minerals in it. The question remains, are the minerals adding anything extra that our bodies need to make it through our daily meals, and do we need them? 

As we move on with the article, we aim to answer the most frequently asked questions, offering balanced perspectives to help you make an informed decision about your water choices—or should you just keep it to improve our wellness and lifestyle?

Dasani Water Compositions and Ingredients

Serving Size1 bottle (20FL OZ)
Nutritional composition% Daily Value
Total Fat 0g0%
Sodium 0mg0%
Total Carbs 0g0%
Total Sugars 0g0%
Protein 0g0%


Purified water, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt. * *Minerals added for taste

Pros and Cons of Dasani Water Ingredients

Tap Water

  • Pros: Dasani water starts with having local tap water that undergoes a rigorous purification process, like purified or distilled water. The reverse osmosis water claims to remove all unwanted dirty particles from tap water, making sure you receive a pure and uncontaminated base for a beverage. 
  • Cons: While there are numerous cons to drinking direct tap water, like being contaminated with bacteria, microbes or pathogens, Dasani claims to use purified tap water.

    On the contrary, in a UK incident on March 18, 2004, the authorities found a whole batch of water contaminated with bromots, a suspected cancer-causing element. However, the FSA announced that the contamination was not risky to public health. 

Magnesium Sulphate

  • Pros: Dasani asserts that it adds magnesium sulphate to its beverage. Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4) acts as a smooth muscle relaxant, which is a commonly advised medicine as a line of treatment for constipation, hypomagnesemia, prevention of seizures in eclampsia, and soaking minor cuts or bruises. 
  • Cons: As per a report, prolonged use of Magnesium Sulphate during pregnancy can cause changes to the embryo. According to the FDA, it is classified as a Class D teratogen since it was also used by women in the USA to prolong preterm labour.

    Further, it is also a drying agent, which means if the traces of MgSO4 are left on your tongue, this could increase your thirst, which may tempt you to purchase more of it. While Dasani bottles claim to have a better taste, in reality, magnesium sulphate enhances the bitter taste of the water. 

Potassium Chloride

  • Pros: Being a strange choice of ingredient, potassium chloride (KCl) helps reduce sodium levels in tap water and helps add extra potassium to your nutrient-deficit diet. 
  • Cons: While there are several side effects linked to the uptake of KCl by mouth if taken up to 100 mEq (3900mg) daily,. This may lead to an upset stomach, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, or intestinal gas. Plus, this might add to its metallic taste. 

Sodium Chloride 

  • Pros: Dasani imperatively claims to add an extra amount of NaCl, that is, sodium chloride, also known as salt, to its tasty water. While salt does have a bad reputation in the market, the exact amount of it is not specified on the list of ingredients. While drinking a glass of salty water does not seem to bother anyone, when consumed with 6-7 glasses of water daily for months, it does not get any more innocent. 
  • Cons: According to researchers and healthcare professionals, salt helps regulate the balance between electrolytes and fluids, maintains ideal blood pressure, aids digestion, and offers many other health benefits. However, as per the World Health Organization (WHO), there are very few chances of a healthy human being suffering from sodium deficiency since we intake more than adequate amounts of it through our diet. Therefore, instead of doing any good, this might get linked to adverse health outcomes like rising blood pressure. 

Dasani Water May Contain Microplastics

microplastics in bottled water

According to a recent article, there are concerns regarding the presence of microplastics in Dasani water. Where Dasani claims to use plant bottles, it has come under 93% of 259 bottles from other brands, including Dasani. 

The microplastics found in store-bought bottles are 60 times more than in tap water. Microplastics are minuscule particles, less than 5mm in size, that contribute to the degradation of larger plastic forms. The process from packaging to bottling the water involves plastic particles, since as time passes, these plastics release microplastics into the water it holds. While the effect of microplastics on health is still an ongoing research project, it surely raises questions about the sustainability aspect and, most significantly, “Is Dasani water good or bad for you?”

Is Dasani Water Really Bad for You?

is dasani water bad for you

Dasani Water, Acidic or Basic in Taste? 

Coming from a well-known global brand, Dasani, which claims to add “minerals” and “taste” to the drinking experience, it has also come into the limelight for all the reasons otherwise. One specific study from Tenspringwater Water discovered that Dasani’s pH levels are 5.6, which is slightly on the acidic note compared to black coffee. While this may fall technically into a safe range, it has highly prompted its users to ask whether Dasani water is good. 

In its purest form, drinking water has to be of pH 7, which is neither acidic nor alkaline, a neutral on a pH scale. Since particles in water may change, the average pH of different types of water comes close to 6.5 and 8.5.

Any water below the range of 6.5 falls into the acidic category. One of the prominent reasons for acidic water is that it consists of heavy metals. This is concerning; why? Regular exposure to heavy metals can be dangerous, potentially leading to heavy metal poisoning, where symptoms can range from diarrhoea to nausea, chills, shortness of breath, and even organ damage.  

Dasani Water and Health Hazards

One of the most famous claims Dasani water has ever received  is “Potassium chloride actually causes cardiac arrest, and we are drinking it in Dasani.” On September 16th, 2022, a Facebook user shared a video claiming that the product of Coca-Cola is “the most dangerous water because it can cause cardiac arrest,” as this may cause the heart to stop working”. Firstly, since there is no medical support for this statement, it cannot be reported as a positive claim. Secondly, as per the experts, potassium plays a vital role in the functioning of a human body, including muscle contraction, maintaining blood pressure, and normal kidney functions. Secondly, the dosage makes all the difference; “it’s the dose that makes the poison.”. So, when water is taken into excretion, it can kill you too. 

After this, we won’t ever recommend Dasani water to anyone. However, if you are still unsure about Dasani Water, watch this YouTube video by LaPrentiss Demond on the same topic: 

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Dasani Water Customer Reviews 

It is highly unlikely to trust a controversial product without thorough review and research, especially when it invades your daily needs. The research we have done now determines whether or not consumers find it worthy to purchase it and see if Dasani water bad for youy?

Laurel C. from Influenster:The water is nice and refreshing, but nothing super special. The bottles are thinner plastic, which is nice because it makes them easier to crush when I am done with them. You can get them pretty much anywhere, so they are easy to come by. The price has gone up significantly, but it is still cheaper than many other options.”

Hunter Bottoms from Amazon: “DASANI Purified Water Enhanced with Minerals is a convenient and tasty way to stay hydrated throughout the day. The pack of 24 ensures I always have water at hand, and the added minerals give it a pleasant flavor. If you’re looking for a reliable bottled water option, I would recommend giving it a try.”.

Brandi from Consumer affairsI love Dasani and I need magnesium and potassium, due to dehydration. But this new bottle I’m not sure about it. When you pick up the bottle it’s so soft that all the water spills out. I hate the tiny cap. I want the other bottle back.”.

Conclusion: Is Dasani Water Good or Bad?

Dasani Water stands out as a strong competitor to other water-based beverages in the global market. It is known for its added minerals, namely magnesium sulphate, potassium chloride, and sodium chloride. It states that the formulation keeps you hydrated and provides added minerals that the human body requires on a daily basis. However, the question really comes down to whether all body types are similar and if Dasani Water is bad for you or if it is helping you to live a better, healthier life. 

There are several mixed reviews from researchers and customers claiming that there could be an added risk to your healthy body if taken in an inadequate amount on a daily basis, especially under certain conditions like pregnancy. While some people love the not-so-common taste of water, others strongly hesitate to give it another try. Hence, it is completely up to you how you consume it and whether or not it has any side effects on your health. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Yes, the source of Dasani water is the local municipal water systems that undergo a purification process called reverse osmosis to remove impurities and contaminants. 

Ans: The pH levels of the water in Dasani are slightly on the acidic side on the litmus test, which can be alarming for some individuals.

Ans: Yes, Dasani bottles claim to be 100% recyclable for you to refill, recycle, or reuse.

Ans: Dasani water contains added minerals, including magnesium sulphate. Potassium chloride, and salt to enhance its taste.


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