Nivedita Dixit
Nivedita Dixit

Health and Fitness Evangelist

I’m committed to helping people focus on health and fitness and improving their quality of life.

Fitness is not a state of body but a state of mind. If you choose fitness in everything you do, you choose to be hale and hearty inside out.

I’m specialized in various fitness-related activities that aim to unlock everybody’s potential in improving their health and well-being, but at their chosen pace—which also means I’m not pushy. I focus on helping people achieve their fitness goals, whatever they may be, in a way that is comfortable for them.

Do I find the whole experience rewarding?


Sustainability is in my work DNA. My goal is to help people achieve their health and fitness goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way. Fitness should be a part of your lifestyle, and my mission is to make it as accessible and enjoyable as possible.

I’m working with to create an entire pipeline of content focused on health, fitness, and well-being. Our mission:

“To help people get rid of any doubts and misconceptions they may have and empower them to improve their mental and physical health confidently.”

Now, are you serious about living a healthier lifestyle?

Let’s make it happen.

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