How to Do Smart Square SSM Login in Easy Steps 2024?

  Mar 18, 2024

Everyone working for Mercy Healthcare uses Smart Square SSM as their official employee portal. All the features and actions available make Smart Square SSM essential for running the healthcare organization, and for SSM to keep improving the access to free healthcare services

It is mandatory for every employee who works at Mercy to use the portal and do the SSM Smart Square login. If you don’t know how the process works or how to use it, then go through this article, and by the end, you’ll know everything about Mercy’s employee portal.

We have also mentioned the benefits of doing the Smart Square Login. So even if you don’t work for Mercy, you should read the article, as then you’ll know what it’s like to work for Mercy. 

What is Mercy Community Healthcare? SSM Healthcare

Mercy Healthcare is a non-profit organization that aims to provide quality health services to those who can’t afford them. Completely free of charge, the organization has helped more than 250,000 patients from its 40+ acute care and specialty hospitals.

Anyone can contact Mercy Healthcare to get medical assistance and medications for pain relief and other stuff.

Started way back in 1871, Mercy is currently the 7th largest Catholic healthcare system in the United States of America. An organization like this is always working to push itself so that it can do more and is in constant need of better management and supervision for its 40,000 employees.

Currently, all day-to-day operations on Mercy are done through Smart Square SSM, and using the portal is not mandatory for every Mercy employee.

Smart Square SSM Login Explained

The portal works as both a management tool and a medium for communication among employees. All these benefits can be available after you complete the Smart Square login. The process is integral for an employee of Mercy.

Doing the login, you’ll officially be part of Mercy’s workforce, as you will be connected with the organization through its employee portal.

Benefits of Smart Square SSM Login for Employees

As expected, employee portals like SSM Health Smart Square do provide value and benefit its users. Everything it offers and the potential it unlocks is what makes Smart Square SSM essential for Mercy and its future. 

The SSM login process is similar to Athenahealth Provider login which is another healthcare provider.

Below we have mentioned the benefits you will get after using SSM Smart Square; going through this, you’ll be eager to learn how to do the Smart Square login.

  • Access Medical Records.
  • Plan your Work Schedule.
  • Apply for Leaves.
  • Medium for Communication.
  • Access to Important Work Information.
  • Share Grievances, File Complaints, and Make Suggestion Easily.
  • Download Payslips & W2s.
  • Access to Employee Information.
  • See Work Status.
  • Do Attendance.

Everything mentioned above will make a big difference for you. It has been reported that Mercy employees are now working under better conditions and doing a better job than before.

After explaining everything, we should move on to how to do the Smart Square Login, but before that, you should know about the login requirements.

Requirements for SSM Smart Square Login

These requirements are crucial for connecting with the portal. Before you attempt to do the Smart Square SSM login, make sure you match the requirements mentioned below:

  • Know your login credentials.
  • Be an employee of Mercy Healthcare.
  • An Updated Browser.
  • Stable Internet Connection.
  • Know the official Login Site.

If you have all these ready, then you can apply the process given below.

How to Do the Smart Square Login? Smart Square SSM Login Process 2023

Here is the process for Smart Square SSM Login; apply this step-by-step to access the portal:

  1. Go to login
  1. Select Continue to SmartSquare.
    continue to smartsquare
  1. Fill in your Network ID & Password.
    network id and password
  1. Click on Sign-In.
    click on sign inn
  1. Now use SSM Smart Square.

Note: After applying these 5 steps, you can access the employee portal of Mercy Healthcare. Now you can explore the features and everything the portal has for you.

How to Fix SSM Health Login Error?

If the SSM Health login has failed, it is likely because of the three reasons mentioned below:

  • Unstable Internet Connection
  • Technical Issue on Mercy’s Website
  • Incorrect Login Credentials

An Internet connection is the most basic requirement for doing the login. In case of an unstable connection, take some time and arrange it so you can access the Internet without any problem.

If you are certain there is some technical problem with the Smart Square SSM website, then you need to contact the helpdesk and let them know about it. In case of incorrect login credentials, you need to set a new password.

You can find the solution to both of these problems in the sections below.

How to Change Smart Square SSM Health Password?

Do this to change your Smart Square SSM Health password:

  1. Go to loginn
  1. Click on Password Expired.
    password expired
  1. Fill out the Form.
  2. Click on Submit.
  3. Check your Email.
  4. Click on the Link given in the email.
  5. Create a New Password.
  6. Finish the process.

It is better to set an easy-to-remember password, if possible you can also write it somewhere so you don’t have to change the password later.

All About Smart Square SSM Mercy Health Help Desk 2023

Big sites like Smart Square SSM often go through technical difficulties, this can happen for many reasons. If you are not able to log in because the site is not working properly, then you can contact the authorities at Mercy’s from the information below:

For situations like this, you should know how to contact your seniors, so you can let them know about the issue and ask for assistance.

Final Thoughts

The last section covers everything important you need to know about doing the Smart Square login. Before moving forward, make sure that you have understood everything, or else you will have difficulties later on. 

After doing the Smart Square SSM Login, take some time exploring the portal and message your colleagues to see how the portal works in practice.


Ans: Mercy Smart Square login is an online healthcare scheduling portal that assists with robust healthcare scheduling services.  

Ans: To log in to Smart Square Open the original website of Smart Square Login in your browser, and there, on the text box, enter your credentials and hit the login button. 

Ans: To access the Smart Square login page, Click here and you’ll land right on their Smart Square login page.

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